Rapid Weight Loss - Burn 10 Pounds In 4 Weeks Scheme

If the excess weight that you've unfortunately built up is finally starting to take its toll on your health and daily routine, then you'll defiantly benefit from reading this. One of the worst things about dreary long diet plans that are more complicated then sweater designs is that you either get tired of keeping up with the calorie counting or disappointed by not seeing any results. And then there are those crash diets that promise to burn off a couple of pounds in a week by making you fast your life out. They burn of calories and weight, but it's very temporary. Give a day or two after the diet, and the dieter is back to munching chips. In all this disarray, one of the best ways to really lose weight, enough to keep you motivated, is to stick to a time honored weight loss plan.

You can effectively lose weight, up to 10 pounds, in a matter of 4 weeks if you make conscious and healthy choices about your diet. This may sound overly simple, but it's worked for many a generations of obesity fighters. The things is, most of the weight that we pack on is the result of eating the wrong food, at the wrong time and not having the right level of activity required by a person of our age and health. (Sounding familiar yet?) The solution to such problems lies in the obvious correction of these unhealthy habits. Here's how you ditch the extra fat;

1. Quit the fizz and start drinking more water: if you're one of those busy personalities who always has a can of pop in their hand, well, if that can is with you right now you can take a mighty blow at your body fat and chuk it in the waste basket. Soda drinks, soft drinks, etc all contain acids and sugars. They increase your blood sugar and fill you up with calories. They also dehydrate you. Ever wonder why you feel thirstier after having a can of coke? That's because your body didn't get any water out of the drink, sure it was liquid, but so is kerosene. Start drinking more water. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. For weight loss, drink a 8 ounces of water for every 25 pounds of extra weight. Drinking water before and during a meal helps you eat less and digest your food better. For flavor in your drink, go for fresh fruit juices. Make sure they don't have any artificial flavoring or sugar added.

2. Salads instead of Junk Food: you know junk food is probably the worst thing in the world after the nuclear bomb. With a nuke, you die up front and then generations suffer from the radioactivity. With junk food your body dies slowly, and your future generations inherit obesity. There are laws about nukes, junk food is the silent predator you need to be watchful of. When you feel the urge to snack, don't open the bag of chips, open the jar of peanuts or make yourself a toss salad. No greasy dressing, vinegar or lemon juice ill taste very nice and you'll actually burn calories for it.

3. Low carb: avoid carbohydrates. Simple carbs, especially the kind found in breakfast cereals really add to your waist line. Take only a bowl of cereals and switch to the whole grain kind.

4. Avoid late night snacks: try to skip the late night snack. Cut the cookies from your ‘milk n cookies' and switch to skimmed milk. You'll see the results immediately. Go for calcium rich milk. Not only does it help to speed up metabolism, it also makes your bones stronger.

5. Exercise: getting in a little exercise on a daily basis is a great way to lose weight as well as to boost up your energy levels. Just go for a nice brisk 15-20 minute walk daily. Early mornings are the best time, but you can alter to suit your routine. Soon you'll be increasing your exercise because it will be showing results and you'll feel much happier.