Easy Weight Loss - Tricks For Teens

The teens are defined as the girls and boys within the age of thirteen to nineteen. These teens are very prone to weight gain and weight loss due to the hormonal changes in their body and this is also one of the reasons that teenagers put on weight more easily due to various kinds of puberty and internal hormonal changes. This time period is sensitive for them because they are growing up and turning to adults and hence weight gain or weight loss here often has a mental effect on them.

All teens are prone to putting on weight during their growing phases which is a common phenomenon but it is also essential for teens to remain active so that they are able to get rid of this accumulated baby fat. It has been seen that the teens today have less active lifestyles as compared to the teens a few decades back. This has been proved through studies, which reveal that there have been significant changes in the behavioral and physical patterns of teenagers of today's generations and those that existed a few decades back.

Thus one of the major reasons for weight gain in teenagers today is the junk food and sedate lifestyle that has made them less active as compared to their counterparts. But there are various tricks and easy weight loss methods for them, which are healthy and also fun to implement. Even though teens can put on weight fast, they can also lose weigh faster. But for this one of the most important changes has to be bough in their lifestyles and that is restricting the viewing of television and use of computer.

Until a few decades back the main activities that kept teenagers busy was outdoor activities but now these have been overcome by sedate activities. To add to this the teens also have more of junk food, which adds to the weight gain. Most of the teenagers are usually sitting constantly through out the day in schools and then it is either in front of the computer or playing video games. This leaves them with no room for outdoor activities except for the compulsory gym classes at school or any other forms of sports.

The sedate pattern of lifestyle and restricted outdoor activities teens are getting more obese but consumption of junk food is a bigger problem with them. Various junk food eateries have made these teens their victims and they have become fonder of junk food as compared to regular foods. Most school cafeterias serve packaged forms of juices and other foods, which are fattening for the teenagers and results in more obesity.

Thus for easy weight loss of teens you should restrict their junk food consumption to the weekends. Also try and give them more of healthy foods at breakfast and dinner and encourage them to eat fruits and veggies. Enroll them for games like baseball, basketball, jogging, rugby, etc. and reduce the time spent on the couch and on the computer, which require more of sitting and less of movements that help in weight loss.