Best Weight Loss Tips - How To Burn A Few Pounds Per Week

It's quite possible to change your lifestyle in such a way that you burn a few pounds every week. Just remember that you're going for healthy lifestyle changes. This means you're not going to starve your body and then begin feeding it again. You're also not going to sticking diet patches around your body and walking into the fast food restaurant. Let's see how you can lose a few pounds from week to week.

1. Start Drinking Water: water is great for weight loss. A fundamental reason for this is that in this day and age, a lot of us depend on soft drinks and sodas for quenching our thirst. But soft drinks and sodas only dehydrate our bodies. The dehydration causes a lot of problems, weight gain being only one. The human body, which 70% water by mass, needs a healthy supply of water to perform all bodily functions. When it doesn't get the required intake of water, it holds on to every drop and uses the body cells as containers. The resulting water retention makes people gain weight and swell up. Drinking water regularly and quitting soft drinks and the kind relieves water retention and you lose weight. Your daily intake should be at least 8 glasses of ice cold water a day.

2. Green Tea: green tea is another natural remedy for losing weight fast. Green tea has natural compounds that effectively help to burn fat. The most potent of its ingredients being caffeine and ECGG. You may be surprised, but green tea has been used for centuries by the Chinese to cure obesity. You can lose up to 1 pound in a week if you regularly take 2 cups of green tea, freshly brewed, in a day. Don't go beyond two cups, as the caffeine may begin to disturb your sleep.

3. Quit Saturated Fat aka Junk Food: junk food is rich in saturated fats. These fats raise your cholesterol level, specifically LDL as well as blood pressure. It increases the percentage of fat in the blood and restricts blood circulation. If you feel hungry, don't reach for the bag of chips, instead go for some baby carrots. A bag of chips will not remove your hunger but it will pack a good number of calories. On the other hand, you can eat double that quantity of fresh fruits or vegetable salad and only put a fraction of those calories inside of you.

4. Take More Protein: eating protein will significantly help you fight the urge to overeat. The reason is that protein, from lean meat and white meat is very fulfilling. Also it supplies you body with a healthy source of energy. A diet that's high on protein can significantly help you lose weight. Just be sure not to consume more calories than you can burn in a day.

5. Exercise: a great way to keep losing weight is to exercise along with reducing your caloric intake. Plan to have 30 minutes of calories burning activity daily. It can be a simple brisk walk or a nice jog. You'll not only lose weight, you'll tone up and have greater stamina.