Top Weight Loss Techniques - How To Obtain Best Weight Loss Results

A person may have a number of ways to burn calories and reduce body fat. Besides dieting and other kind of exercises, there are several cardio respiratory work outs which can effectively help to reduce calorie and burn body fat. Most of the weight trainers recommend to do low intensity cardio vascular exercises to avoid risk of any sort. But the fact is that, major quantity of calories used to burn while exercising come from body fat. It is obvious if people exercise at higher intensity they will burn more amount of calories than the amount they consume in a day and in turn will loss body fat quickly and more effectively.

If a person possesses a higher number of fat cells in their body he or she must exercise and diet using proper systematic and scientific principles in order to reduce the amount of those fat cells. If a proper method is not used, things will result badly and can even result in water loss and probable accumulation of body fat immediately after the diet plan stops.

Body takes energy while exercising from glucose contents of the blood and stored fat at different proportions, depending on the intensity of exercises. If exercise is lighter and less exhaustive body does not need any extra amount of oxygen. But while exercising at a higher intensity, people are bound to inhale excessive amount of oxygen. Fat is a slow burning component of the body and requires greater amount of oxygen to get burnt out entirely. So, if sufficient oxygen is delivered to the muscle cells, they can easily and rapidly burn fat to meet its energy requirement for exercise. Also if the intensity of physical exertion continues to increase, the glucose component of the blood eventually becomes the predominant energy source for body muscles as this rapid burning fuel does not need much oxygen to get burnt out.

However, majority of the people complain they don't have time as much as necessary to work out for considerable period of time. Some people just never feel to exercise for longer period of time. For them, the only way is to burn fat rapidly by increasing the metabolic rate through anaerobic exercise to burn the fat indirectly. It is also highly recommended by the health experts, to have a balanced breakfast regularly. This course of meal helps to get metabolic function started. Skipping breakfast and waiting till mid-morning or afternoon lunch slower metabolism rate as digestive system does not get any extra fat to get started with. Also breakfast keep energized and elevated the system throughout the day and lower stress level.

Another great thing about working out and to loss calorie more easily and rapidly is to do it in the morning before taking a solid meal. Morning exercise keeps metabolic rate elevated throughout the day and effectively burn more calories losing more weight. If the same amount of exercises are done at night, fat may still get burnt while working out but as soon as one go to sleep, the metabolism rate gradually slows down. It is good to tag on a several consistent exercise schedules throughout a day. After a course of morning work out metabolic rate stays at an elevated level, following this a second work out if performed for at least 30 minutes the system becomes able to burn calories more effectively. Weight trainers prefer to recommend a cardiovascular exercise in the morning and weight training work out at second work out schedule.