Top Weight Loss Tricks - Is It Possible To Burn Fat On Just One Place On The Body?

Being overweight brings a lot of troubles into what would otherwise be a pretty fun life. Being overweight or obese can cause health deterioration and increase risks of heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. So it's only prudent that the excess fat stored in the body be lost.

The main theme behind weight lost, as any dietician will tell you, is to stay healthy and maintain your weight loss once it's been achieved. Here we come across the concept of ‘spot reduction'. Spot reduction is the belief that fat surrounding a certain muscle can be burnt by exercising the muscle set. This one of the biggest myths of weight loss there is.

Spot reduction or burning fat in just one place in your body is not possible because no single set of muscles owns the fat that surrounds it. A common practice regarding spot reduction is people performing abdominal exercise upon abdominal exercise in the hopes of burning the fat that is stored there. But that's not how the human body is programmed. To lose fat in any one particular area, the whole body fat has to be given a run for its money. If you focus on exercising your abdominal muscles, they strengthen, but the fat will stay here unless the overall body fat stores are depleted. In fact, if there are excess fat build ups in your body, training a single set of muscles may actually make the muscle mass increase. This may sound pretty to read, but imagine this, the fat stays put and now you have bigger muscles pushing the fat outwards more. You basically grow in size and that's not healthy.

Sometimes fat my burn off from a certain body part more easily than another. This is really the result of natural selection within the body and is more of a genetic process than the outcome of your exercise. So while you may find your legs losing fat faster than your tummy, don't start thinking about modifying your exercise plan, realize that the start is a good thing and it will gradually move on to areas you want as well. Sure its priority number one for anyone who wants to lose weight to get rid of the tyre around their belly, but wasting time, energy and motivation in going about this goal unrealistically can actually deter your weight loss plan. So make an overall exercise plan, one that gives due weight to every body part, every muscles set and stick to it. Weight loss and reduction in size will take its time, but when it happens you'll be pleased to see that the results will be a well toned, evenly proportioned body. So it's not a bad bargain.

Another thing you should bear in mind is that copying someone else's weight loss plan won't necessarily replicate the results either. Every human being has their own genetic makeup and our body's respond to the external environment according to that. For men, burning fat is genetically easier than it is for women. So if you're a female planning out a weight loss plan with male friend, don't get disappointed if you don't win the ‘I lost 2 inches before you did' race. Don't have the race. Just have a healthy fun time losing the weight.