Free Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet and Exercise are the only solutions to lose weight. There are no short cuts for losing weight. There is no magic exercise or any weight loss diet supplement that can reduce our weight. The key for losing our weight is proper weight loss diet along with some exercise techniques.

The secret to losing weight is to eat and drink the right kind of foods until we are satisfied. Skipping of meals is not the answer for weight loss. It can rather deteriorate our health. A healthy weight loss diet plan should include vegetables, fruits, grains, lentils and beans in our diet.

Before starting a weight loss diet plan, decide how much weight we want to lose. Most of the diet plans promote to eat a particular food group and restrict other food groups. Such weight loss diet plans will show temporary results. Following of these restricted weight loss diet plans for a long time, we may develop some health problems at later stage as these weight loss diet plans do not contain all the necessary nutrients needed for our body.

Instead, plan to change our eating habits permanently by making sensible changes that we can live with. They're low in calories and great for snacking. Eat a few pieces a half-hour before we sit down to lunch or dinner to cut our appetite. Prefer climbing the stairs instead of using elevator because climbing stairs burns calories. If we are going up four stories or less, walk.

Walk all the way if we work a mile or less from home. If we live farther from work and take public transportation, get off two stops early and walk the rest of the way. If we drive to work, park half-mile from the job and walk. This is particularly important if we plan to eat a semi frozen entree for our evening meal. Without the salad, we will feel hungry later. Instead of using oil, saute onions in a non-stick pan with a little white wine.

Try using flavored vinegar (tarragon, garlic or raspberry, for example) diluted with water to half-strength. It makes a great dressing for greens and is almost calorie-free. For some unknown reason, whole bags of snacks can disappear this way. Use it instead of mayo for turkey or learn roast beef.

Place thin slices of raw potatoes under the broiler to make "French fries" without oil. Turn once during cooking to brown both sides. Add garlic powder or chilli powder for extra flavor.

Buy fruits canned in juice or water instead of heavy syrup and don't buy artichoke heart or mushrooms marinated in oil. Look for water -packed vegetables and pickle them our self-with vinegar, water and spices.

Make an ordinary hot soup creamy by adding low fat yogurt. Mix into the soup pot just before serving. We can shop for food after a meal so we won't be as tempted by goodies in the super-market. Because they are high in fat and calories, use hard cheese sparingly. If we love the taste of cheese, sprinkle a small amount of sharp cheese on a low-calorie food.