Top Weight Loss Tricks - Which Diet To Use?

Did you know that you can lose weight if you eat and drink the right food? The excess fat that builds up in our body is the result of eating too many of the wrong kinds of food. Remember that old saying ‘what you eat becomes a part of you'? It's SO true. If you've observed the lifestyle and habits of healthy people, you must have noticed that they have very different eating habits and activity patterns from you neighborhood couch potato. Your lifestyle is the deciding factor for the quality of life you lead and there's no second opinion on that. Companies that sell you ideas that you can take a few weight loss pills and continue on your unhealthy rampage are making a quick buck at the expense of your health.

Of course you'll be happy to know that there are great ways to lose weight by making corrections in your diet, including foods that are low calories, have fat burning properties and provide your body with healthy amounts of vital nutrition. Specifically, you will be making some pretty serious but simple changes to your diet plan. This is how they go;

1. Junk Food and Fizzy Drinks have Got to Go: frankly speaking, your first step to losing weight is to cleanse your system of all the unhealthy junk food you've been snacking on. I mean the chips the pretzels, the can of coke that may have become an extension to your arm, etc. You may not give the bag of chips much importance for being a health hazard, but it actually does more damage than you can imagine. From causing dehydration, to slowing down the metabolism to increasing the risks of diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc, junk food has countless health dangers. If you want to snack, get into the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Salads are excellent snacks and, they give you energy and you can let your creative self rule with them by coming up with fun new ways of preparation. As for the soft drinks, the new rule is; when thirsty, go back to the basics, water and fresh juices.

2. More Water and Juices: do not underestimate the power of water. It is the ‘symbol of life' and there's good logic behind the title. Water is 70% of the human body's mass. It also makes up 90% of blood. And water retention in the body cells is what adds to your weight as well as makes you swell up. A healthy adult requires at least 8 glasses of water a day, while an extra 8 ounces should be taken for every 25 pounds of excess weight.

3. Start Taking Brewed Green Tea: green tea is great for losing weight. It's one of the oldest remedies out there. With a good caffeine content it can safely substitute for your morning coffee or black tea. Taking a cup of freshly brewed green tea daily is a great way to start burning fat. It will also help in cleansing your body of toxins and rejuvenate your skin.