Can You Get An Std From Kissing defines an STD as “Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases that are mainly passed from one person to another (that is transmitted) during sex. There are at least 25 different sexually transmitted diseases with a range of different symptoms. These diseases may be spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex."

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked question today is “can you get an STD from kissing?" understandably STDs is a major growing concern and people, particularly the young wonder. On the good side they are now cautious before going to first base. STD, that is, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are many in number, so this isn't one of those obvious answer questions. I guess the first thing to kill would be the perception that HIV and Hepatitis are the only STDs out there, oh and throw in syphilis thanks to Grey's Anatomy.

Some of the common STDs include genital Herpes, genital warts, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and of course Syphilis. Now when we ask the question, “can I get an STD from kissing" we actually have to consider something else, and that is what kind of kissing. Mouth to mouth or mouth to genital area.

I'll address the first and perhaps the simpler of the two situations first, Mouth to mouth kissing. This may come as a shock but it has been know that people do get STDs from mouth to mouth kissing, but the number is extremely small for the reason that there is no exchange of bodily fluids. It does occur when either of the partners is living an unhygienic lifestyle. Genital harpies can be contracted this way among other STDs.

If your partner's mouth is infected with an STD, then he or she may be able to pass that infection to your mouth during a kiss. Fever blisters and cold sores (oral herpes) can be passed through a kiss if your partner is infected. If your partner has an infection in his or her genital area, then kissing on the mouth will not transmit the infection. Blood-borne infections like HIV or Hepatitis B or C can only be passed through kissing if there is the exchange of infected blood, so no vampire fantasies. The odds are relatively high with a French kiss.

Now the other scenario, where I guess the girl is having her period but also has like a super horny boyfriend, and decides to give him oral sex, which may/may not involve kissing the genital area. And that is when the alarm in your head should be going off saying, “use a rubber!" because kissing a genital area will most definitely result in you contracting an STD. and when it come to oral sex, its not just the guys who need to use a rubber. Medical officials say that the human saliva should not enter the genital area, (male or female) because it will lead to an infection.

So if here is a rather simple guideline, be honest with your partner and if you fear the transmission of an STD, you should both get checked. However in those situations where time is hard pressed (no pun intended) and you need to kiss McDreamy, make sure he/she has no sores around the lip area.