Weight Loss Goals - Weight Loss Food

The weight loss goal is actually a collective result of calorie intake and expenditure. For effective weight loss it is very important to eat after each exercise session. First of all it is very important to drink plenty of water after taking rest for a while. For a competitive athlete or a dedicated person, what he/she eats after an exercise is very important for weight loss issue. But for an amateur exerciser and work out of two to three times a week, one need not worry as much about post-exercise diet because his/her body will have enough time between exercise to recovery.

Now, depending on the intensity of exercise, the diet will be different. If one just has completed a cardiovascular exercise, he/she should consume more fibrous and carbohydrate food stuffs. After strong cardiovascular exercise it is good to consume lots of green vegetables in the form of salad or fresh fruit salad with brown rice, oatmeal, yogurt, toast, cereal and all natural peanut butter.

After a strenuous exercise session of resistance or weight training, it is recommended to take a combination of protein and carbohydrates; as after such a laborious exercise several muscle tissues get damaged. Therefore, people need proper amount of protein to build and repair the injury so that the fat contents get metabolized and muscle tissues can recover and increases in strength and density. People can get confused with the role of carbohydrates in nutritional course.

Most of the people believe that carbohydrates will cause to accumulate fat tissues. But the fact is that, body needs the carbohydrate components to help get the protein into the muscle cells. If the post exercise diet lacks sufficient carbohydrates, muscle tissue may be broken down to achieve this purpose. Also researchers say; carbohydrate speeds up the muscle tissue recovery time by replenishing glycogen stores. Carbohydrates also help to create an insulin channel which helps to move nutrients into the muscle tissue quicker.

Some post exercise diet includes baked potato and chicken or fish or a protein shake with a banana, or even oatmeal with egg whites, a scoop of protein powder and toast, or some kind of low quality protein between two slices of whole grain bread. For those people who are serious about quick weight loss can go for other weight loss and nutritional supplements like whey protein, it has proven to be very effective. It has been proven that, whey proteins can get into muscle cells at a faster rate that any other protein supplements. Several other animal proteins like tuna fish, egg whites or chicken are also fine sources of protein that are usually recommended by the dietitians to include at the daily meals. Also the fact is protein in whole diet get digested pretty slowly than any other components.

Any sort of fat component actually slows down the overall digestive process and thus results in weight gain. So, it is better to avoid fat constituents in daily diet if possible as taking oily food can defeat the purpose of weight loss. Also it is good to experiment with the amount and proportion of food constituents and drink to determine what actually works best for an individual. In a nutshell the amount and type of nutrition always depends on the intensity and duration of exercises.