Build Chest Muscles - Build Chest Muscles And Upper Body Strength With Six Types Of Pushups

Push ups are the right way to make your upper body strong and build chest muscles. There are many variations to a push up. Trying different types of push ups can make home exercising more effective. Muscles are worked differently in a push up. It is important to remember two basic point while doing push ups. The chest should be touched to the ground and a straight line from the head to the heels should be maintained. Push-ups can be done with or without any technical equipment. Among the different types of push ups are wide, diamond, fist, decline, incline and off the floor.

For basic push ups one can start by lying on the floor with chest downwards. The palms need to be positioned flat on the floor and feet together. The legs and back should be in a straight line. Looking forward, push the body down and touch the floor with the chin. The back need not be bent and breathing out should be constant. A minimum of 10 push ups are necessary per session.

Fingertip push up should start with hands in the shape of claws at a distance of three feet from each other. The method is the same as the basic one. Ballistic push up involves the basic push-up steps in a faster way. One handed push up should start by stretching both legs shoulder-width apart while keeping one hand beneath the chest and the other at the back. The steps of basic push ups need to be followed for at least five times.

Wide push ups are usually performed with the hands placed at shoulder width. The chest muscles are worked more heavily in wide push ups than military-style pushups. So if one is looking at building the chest muscles, this is the exercise needed to reach one's goal. In diamond push ups or pyramid push ups, the index finger and the thumb need to be placed together like a diamond.

In fist push ups fists are used instead of the palms of the hand for balance. This is beneficial as different areas of the body are targeted and the effectiveness of the workout increases. In decline push ups one needs to put the feet on a higher platform so that the head is lower than the feet. This helps in the working of the upper chest muscles.

Incline push ups are the opposite of decline. Here the head needs to be on a higher platform. This push up works on the lower pectoral muscles. If one is working out at home, raised push ups can be done with the help of chairs. The hands can be placed on two chairs with the legs on the third. This helps to increase the depth of one's push up and effectiveness of the workout.

Adding weights during pushups help to increase the effectiveness of the workout. Those who are strong can add weight on the back while doing push ups. By using the incline, decline, off-the-floor or fist push up positions the arms can be repositioned to target various parts of the chest and upper body muscles.