Build Muscle At Home - How To Build Muscle At Home Successfully

Most of the people make an excuse that they do not have much time to workout; but the fact is that they are too lazy to spend any time on workouts. Whatever time most of the people are left with, they want to relax, watch TV or listen to music. There are a few ease muscle building exercises that may just be a solution for people. These exercises can be done while listening to music or during TV commercials.

Push Ups are the most effective exercise for building muscles. To perform this exercise people need to place their body in a face down and lift the body on both the palms and feet keeping the body straight. Then they need to take their chest toward the floor while breathing out and push up with the strength of the arm and chest muscles while inhaling. If floor push ups are too difficult for an individual, they can start off with standing push ups with their hand on the wall, then pushing themselves back. People should repeat this exercise at least 8 - 10 times, increase the number of repetitions as the exercise gets easier .Push ups effect the chest and arms the most. To affect the chest muscles the most do push ups with the arms placed wide apart.

For another effective home exercise are the squats. To perform this people need to stand with legs shoulder width apart and feet pointed forward. They need to sit down and stand up and should make sure that the knees do not lock. People should not move too far forward and must try to keep their neck in line with the spine. People should repeat this exercise for at least 20-25 times depending on the comfort level to start with and then increase the no of repetitions as they get used to the exercise. Squat is the best muscle building exercise for complete leg fitness. It can do wonders to the thighs hips and butts. For better results squats may be done with a little or moderate weights.

Biceps curls are other effective exercises which can be done while sitting on a chair or while standing. People need a pair of dumbbell to perform the exercise. They need to hold a dumbbell in each of their hands then should lift the dumbbells alternatively without bending their elbows. This exercise should at least be repeated for 10 times. As people get used to the exercise they can increase the weights or the number of repetitions. Biceps curls are another effective exercise to increase the arm size. If people are interested in building arm muscle at home, but do not want to buy a lot expensive equipment, they may be discouraged at times. Having no fears people can build muscle at home without shelling out large sums of money for equipment they may only use once or twice. Muscle building equipment can also be confusing to use and if people do not understand how their equipment works then they may end up hurting themselves and their muscle building will stop before it even started.

There are free weight sets for home muscle building work out that can be bought relatively inexpensively. People should investigate in the online auctions, overstock equipment or even can see if any of their local fitness clubs are looking to get rid of any of their equipment if they are upgrading. If people do not ant to buy any weights then they can make their own.