Angels And Home Health Care

Home health care is needed for various types of patients of all ages, especially senior citizens. Many patients detest staying at hospitals or any other health care centers and want to be in the company of their near and dear ones at home. Apart from emotional factors, there are economic reasons as well which call for home health care of patients instead of keeping them at expensive health care centers. It is with this need in mind that home health care centers were first set up which aimed to give personalized care to patients at their homes.

One of the leasing home health care agencies in the United States is Visiting Angels, set up in 1998. This is a network of home health care centers spread across the US. The declared motto of Visiting Angels is to provide the best care possible to everyone irrespective of age who need home care and ensure complete respect to caregivers. Each angel is highly trained and capable of giving top quality care.

Visiting Angels develop an individualized program for the patient after discussions with the family members and also the physician(s) if necessary. It matches a patient's needs to the best possible caregiver, and places the angel companion at the patient's home. Even after the posting of the angel, the agency maintains personalized contacts through telephone check-in, home visits.

The services provided by Visiting Angels include hygiene assistance, meal preparation/diet monitoring, light housekeeping, errands and shopping, joyful companionship. Its hourly rates are reasonable and angels can be employed on a temporary or a long-term basis. Visiting Angels offer prompt service and respond to your call in a matter of just 15 minutes.

Angels at Home Care is another home health care agency that provides quality companionship for patients and their loved ones when in-home care is required.

Foe any Angel client, the agency chalks out a personalized care plan developed especially to meet the patient's needs. Above all, these Angels give the family of the patient an opportunity to feel good about the companionship and care that the patient gets.

Angels at Home Care offer the following services: light or detailed housekeeping, dressing, medical appointments, errands, transportation, meal preparation, grocery shopping, hygiene care, medical reminders and hospital sitting.

Angels Care Home Health is another agency that provides home health services to clients who qualify, who have Medicare benefits and certain Medicare HMOs in their own homes. The services offered by this agency are: skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work services and home health aide services. Skilled nursing services include wound care, home IV therapy, disease management programs, education on disease processes, medication regimens, diets and many other topics.

Angels Of Mercy Home Health Care Services is another reputed agency for those patients who are in need of home care. These home health care agencies are extremely useful for those who prefer being treated at home rather than in a hospital or so. The trained staffers these agencies usually employ not only make the family members of a patient confident but also give them some well-deserved rest.