Best Muscle Building Exercises

Almost every bodybuilder as well as weight trainer does have his or her favorite exercises that they stress on for different individual body parts. This is how it is always supposed to be as people go through the various stages of their training and gradually understand what is best for them. It is essential to keep track of the progress made through the work out and where the body is and where it needs to be. It also looks if any kind of changes are required or not.

The analysis made by the trainer himself or herself should include the assessment of all the core exercises which would make up a person's bodybuilding program. All forms of exercises should always be performed with a set to six to eight reps.

Maximum people waste time spending hours in the gym itself thinking that they are adding quality muscle to their frames. They feel that the more is better even though all that they are doing is throwing their body into over training. In the case of over training they will put a stop to the sign of progress but instead starts going the other way. Thus they should stop doing more and instead do more to achieve results. Unless the person is a professional weight lifter or body builder, a normal person should not spend more than 45 minutes in the gym hitting weights.

A person should always a different game plan to work on in order to get positive results. These game plans could include giant sets. If a person is working on his or her back then they should break down all the heavy muscles that they feel need the work out into small workouts. This will help exhaust the muscles as well. Best ones to do are pull ups, d-bell rows, d-bell pullover and cable rows. Each exercise should be performed one after the other with 8 to 12 reps per set. Once all four are done take a break and rest for a few minutes. Even a warm up round can help.

Once the warm is done a person should focus on the intensity of making each working set into a war. While reaching the eight rep the person should feel like he or she is hitting failure. Once these four exercises are repeated with 3 to 4 rounds taking rest for a couple of minutes is a beneficial option.

Once done with these then the body should select the different exercises and perform all the giant sets so that different muscle groups of the body are kept in mind. If this is repeated for a month then the person shifts to a program with a little less exercise so that the body can recover in the meant time. This will definitely lead to new muscle growth. It is important that the body builders start to think outside the box so that they listen to what their body needs. It is not at all required that a body builder needs to spend hours together in the gym just to get results which will not be motivational for the bodybuilder at the end of the day. The techniques mentioned are worth taking a chance with in order to get good results.