Best Food For Building Muscle

What you eat greatly effects what you look like. And this golden principle works just as effectively when your building muscle mass. Many people make the mistake of thinking that muscle building happens only while you're at the gym. But the reality is your diet and nutrition will determine the success of your work out. For instance, many a muscle builder will spend hours at the gym, lifting weights and go home to a low calorie diet. The results will be highly counterproductive. Not only will such an individual not have enough energy to carry out the workout, he or she will also not have energy for recovery or to build muscle mass.

And this is the truth, when your goal is muscle building; you basically aim to make your body grow. For this, you have to have calories and energy for the growth process to take place. For your muscle building exercise t be successful, you need to eat more calories in a day than you are likely to burn. You will need the extra calories to recover from your muscle building routine as well as build new muscle tissue.

So what are some of the best foods you can eat to build that muscle mass? Here are a few suggestions;

1. Lean Beef: lean beef is the number one muscle building product out there. Successful bodybuilders still swear by it. Lean beef is high in protein and thus provides your body with the essential nutrients needed to build muscle mass. Not only protein, lean beef is also a great source of iron, Creatine, zinc and some important B vitamins.

2. Broccoli: yes broccoli, it contains indoles, which is a naturally occurring compound that works against estrogen. If you're building muscles, you know that estrogen is what keeps your muscles from growing big. Estrogen also stores fat in your body and keeping a check on estrogen naturally helps you to burn fat faster. So you can have a high calories diet and burn off most of the calories and use the remaining in building muscle tissue.

3. Fat Free Cottage Cheese: even though every bodybuilder will tell you to chow down on protein powder with whey or casein, but before these delightful inventions were around, the traditional bodybuilder relied on fat free cottage cheese. One cup of fat free cottage cheese packs a nice 30 plus grams of a mixture of whey and casein.

4. Canned Tuna: bet you never thought those iddy biddy fish could help to build muscle mass, well they can. They are jam packed with proteins and are also very convenient to carry around. Also, they're a rich source of omega-3 fats, which help your tissues to heal faster and thus accelerate muscle growth. Omega fats are also good for body building because they strengthen the immune system and help the body to hold on to the valuable branch chained amino acids. All these contribute to guarding your body against loss of muscle mass while giving you a higher rate of metabolism.

Now you know what direction to be steering your bodybuilding diet towards, remember that the point of being muscular is to be healthy, and using natural foods to accomplish this end is the best way.