Best Bicep Muscle Building Exercises

A combination of triceps and bicep work larger arms can be created. But most people tend to focus on the bicep more than the triceps. Thus a lot more importance is provided to the bicep muscle. In a general sense most bicep movements require a curling motion but there seems to be one more technique in order to build the mass and peak which maximum people look for.

The hanging bicep curl is one of the single best ways of building up the muscle. In order to do this a person would need to take an adjustable bench and set it at a 45 degree inclination. Then just lie down on it with the chest down and let the arms dangle down straight. Take a curl bar and just curl it naturally.

There is a reason for this to be a mass builder. Even though the position maintained on a preacher curl bench would be seated but yet the person has the advantage of having no pressure whatsoever at any of the possible joints. Since everything is hanging lose in a way the use of massive tonnage is a possibility with no fear at all of straining any of the muscles in the shoulder, elbows or even the wrists for that matter. More weights can be curled in this way than in a standing or sitting posture.

Most people want to get bigger arm muscles but it is noticed for many that no matter how many times and how many different types of exercises they try the size of their arm stays the same. This is generally caused due to a wrong diet or else a wrong from of training.

In order to build the right type of arm muscles in any kind of a muscle workout would be to use additional weight until there is an interference with your form. To build more and big powerful muscles or biceps the goal is to lift more weight. Doing a few sets in the gym with light weight curls will not bring any result at all. And so there will be no growth to look forward to either. A person has to push himself with extra weights in order to see a more big and powerful bicep.

If you are on you way to set up a good bicep workout routine it is important to incorporate 3 sets of 6- 8 reps per arm. 8 reps are generally recommended but 6 is a good place to start from and gradually a person can increase to 8. The weight used should be of the right proportion so that the form of the body is still firm even on the last set. Results tend to suffer if the weight is too much for the body to handle and thus leading to a sloppy workout.

Another important aspect to be kept in mind with any form of muscle workouts is never to overwork the muscles. This includes the biceps as well. Workouts should be maintained at twice a week. Any more will be overdoing it. This is true for almost all the muscles in the body. If the work out is too vigorous then a person may just lose to what he may be looking forward to.