Top Tips On Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercises and methods of rejuvenation and it has been practiced for centuries in India. There are various top tips available on yoga that can help you to attain better mental and physical health along with other benefits also. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercises and its origins go back more than 5000 years and thus it is proven that have practiced Yoga to achieve a balanced body and mind.

Usually people assume that yoga is a slow form of exercise and does not help you lose weight but there are various forms of yoga that people are not aware of. There are various styles of yoga and its variations and some of the most popular styles of yoga are iyengar, kundalini, kripalu, bikram, ashtanga, power, hatha and sivanda. These forms of yoga will help you to get in shape in no time and thus to underestimate yoga as a mere form of rejuvenation would be wrong.

The most common forms of yoga practiced around the world are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. They involve different styles of yoga and usually originate from different regions also most of the breathing styles and postures are same. Hatha yoga is the style of yoga most practiced today, which is regular form of yoga and lays focus on breathing and postures. The power yoga is a more aerobic-style yoga that lays emphasis on cardio forms of yoga. The Bikram yoga is a style of yoga performed in a heated room so that detoxification can be accelerated.

There are some other forms of yoga along with power yoga that are designed for the more aerobic and fitness conscious person and these include iyengar yoga and ashtanga yoga. By performing these forms of yoga one can get a strong cardio workout because this is fast flowing and precise for extreme fitness. The other yoga, which is familiar to the regular styles of yoga practiced today, is kundalini yoga, which is considered by many cultures to be the life force within us that can be awakened.

This Kundalini form of yoga includes meditation, belly dancing and yoga and mainly concentrates on charkas in the body to generate a spiritual power. Some of the yoga forms that are the least heard of these days are kripalu yoga and sivanda yoga. The Kripalu yoga makes use of practices from many different wisdom traditions and includes health sciences, psychology and consciousness. Thus it is more of an intensive life improvement plan. The Sivanda yoga is similar to kripalu yoga and includes meditation as basis of the practice.

Even though yoga is primarily practiced as a physical activity it had initially begun as a meditative discipline. It has been seen that practicing yoga for even half and hour for a few days leads to benefits and it is equally beneficial for women and men. This is one of the safest exercises for pregnant women and helps them in childbirth but this should be done under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.