Health Benefits Of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga, also known as Hot Yoga, is yoga practiced in a hot humid room. The high level of humidity is an important factor in the effectiveness of the Bikram yoga. Bikram Yoga takes all the benefit of Yoga and puts them in a room heated between 110 to 115 degrees, and the humidity level is kept at 60 percent. You're probably wondering if this is an easy thing to do, well it's not. You have to be in good physical condition before you start Bikram Yoga, the exercise is intense.

Of course the health benefits of Bikram yoga are over the top great. Physicians and health experts are now focusing a lot of attention towards this new style of yoga practice, named after its inventor, Choudhury Bikram. Now let's take a look at what people who practice Bikram Yoga get as part of their health deal;

1. Weight Loss: what's the point of exercise if it doesn't burn off those extra calories? People who practice Bikram Yoga lose weight and they lose weight fast. The reason is simple, the body burns fat faster when it is warm. The body fat gets redistributed and much of it is consumed as energy during the workout. Many people not only lose weight pretty soon into their Bikram Yoga classes, but they lose weight in a lot of trouble areas, like the stomach. The temperature and the exercise all add contribute towards speeding up your metabolism, which in turn burns greater fat and glucose stored in the body. The result is a lean and well toned body. Now who minds that?

2. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Bikram Yoga gives the heart a thorough workout. Blood capillaries dilate more because of the heat and the result is more oxygen reaches the tissues, muscles and glands. The body also expels waste products faster, so there are fewer toxins inside you.

3. Improved Muscle and Joint Movement: the muscles and joints experience greater movement when they are warm, because the heat and humidity makes them supple. This means greater stretching of the muscles, joints and ligaments. The body is on the whole more flexible and you are more active than before.

4. Greater Detoxification and Stronger Immune System: it's rather obvious that you will be sweating a good bit during your Bikram Yoga session, and this is what will cause a great deal of detoxification for your body. Sweating is the body's number one way of removing toxins from itself through its largest organ, the skin. When you sweat, and that too during exercise, your body removes greater toxins then it would if you practiced other forms of exercise, even other forms of yoga. Also, this helps to strengthen you immune system so you have a better chance against a number of viral diseases.

5. Improved Posture: the strengthening of your muscles and joints will give an improved posture. Not only is an improved posture a great appearance benefit, it pays off in the later years. A strong musculoskeletal form in the early years saves a lot of trouble in the later years. You have stronger bones that can resist weight to a greater extent and you don't hunch.

The benefits of Bikram Yoga are many, but just so you know, Mr. Bikram himself refers to his Yoga room as his ‘torture chamber', so you really need to be in a position to sweat it out before you head into this. Get your physician's approval first.