Free Yoga Poses

There are hundreds of free yoga poses and postures available on the web, and these can help you to improve your health, balance and strength. Yoga has been known for its postures and endurance levels and now you can attain the same status by following these free yoga poses. One of the best methods for doing the same is surfing the net so that you can do exercises at home without paying any extra charges. These yoga poses are available on the internet and come with live videos and pictures.

They also give the breathing techniques here to ensure that you can follow them the right way.

Some of these free yoga poses are known as balancing yoga poses that are available for improving the body posture and enhancing your health. Many kinds of yoga postures are there to help to improve the shape of the body and health. You can start with the easy position or sitting position, which is known as Sukhasana. With the starting position you can get help from focus awareness on breathing and the body. Through this posture you can strengthen lower back and open the groin and hips.

This is a good balancing posture and here you need to sit cross-legged with hands on knees and the focus should be on your breath. But you should ensure that you keep the spine straight and push the sit bones down into the floor. With the help of this posture you should also maintain the balance for allowing the knees to lower gently because if the knees rise above your hips, it can lead to pain. The use a cushion or block for getting this support is suggested here. The support for the back and hips can be given through this.

The posture should be repeated and you should take about 5-10 slow, deep breaths for maximum impact. Then inhale and raise your arms over your head and exhale as you bring them done slowly and this posture should be done at least 5-7 times. Another free yoga posture here is the dog and cat posture which increases flexibility of spine. This yoga exercise is basically two poses where one flows into the other and the posture starts on your hands and knees.

At this stage you should keep the hands just in front of your shoulders. Ensure that the legs should be about hip width apart and you should inhale till the tailbone and pelvis go up. Curve the spine and bring it downward and drop the stomach and lift your head up. At this time you should stretch gently as you do this posture and exhale.

Once you do this, move into cat by reversing the spinal bend and tilt the pelvis down. Here the focus should be to draw up the spine and pull the chest and stomach in and repeat this posture several times.

With the help of these free yoga postures you can be assured that you would be free of many kinds of back problems and other health related problems, which affect most people.