Facts About Yoga

Yoga has started off in ancient times as a method of rejuvenating the spirit and trying to focus and meditate. But over the years the pattern of yoga has changed and so have the methods of implementing the postures and other techniques. But the deviation has been done keeping the essence of yoga alive and there are no changes that are drastic from the ancient method in this reference. There are various facts about yoga that people are not aware of and this information can help them to clear some myths about yoga and thus implement the yoga postures in a better way also.

Basically Yoga had been practiced in the east, especially India for centuries, but it has been practiced in the United States since the late 19th century and gained a lot of popularity in the 1960's with many movie stars and celebrities swearing by it for fitness and maintaining health. There have been various surveys and studies conducted related to yoga and it has been seen that about 15.8 million Americans adults practice yoga. There are various kinds of health benefits of yoga and one of the most important factors is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

It has been seen that the breathing methods and postures of yoga are often recommended to relieve the pain and anxiety of chronic conditions. Since Yoga is thousands of years old many of the postures have been practiced for the same time and thus are very safe to implement and practice. There are various stone carvings in the Indus Valley depicting yoga positions date back 5,000-plus years. One of the main facts about practicing yoga is the right posture and breathing technique. Hence every time you practice yoga focus on your breathing as well as the positions.

These postures and stretching exercises need to be in sync with the breathing part of yoga also and only then will you get the maximum results and health benefits. Yoga is also a form of exercise and if performed with dedication and regularity it can help you to lose weight also unlike some of the prior myths. The basic facts about the principle of yoga are that the body, mind and spirit are inevitably connected and need to be in a state of equilibrium.

There are various methods of practicing yoga even at work and through out the day and can done when you are seated at your desk or in the car or even at the desk. There is a general misconception that yoga does not help you to improve muscle strength but there are various weight-bearing postures in yoga that can help you to improve the musculoskeletal system and may help prevent osteoporosis. It should be remembered that yoga is not a religion but includes elements of various religious traditions.

It has been seen that even within Hatha, there are various styles and approaches and you can perform regular forms of yoga or even the latest styles of power yoga to check outs its benefits and thus improve your over all health and provide other gains.