Effects Of Bikram Yoga

There are various forms of yoga available today which can be practiced for improving posture, health benefits, improving flexibility and various other reasons. But it has been seen that not all forms of yoga are suggested for everyone and hence you should understand the effects of the same before you start practicing. The Bikram yoga too has various kinds of effects on your health and the body and these should be understood so that you are able to gain more from it and get some benefits for the body.

Basically the Bikram yoga is also known as the Hot, Yoga and as the name suggested this form of yoga is practiced in a heated room and usually with high humidity maintained. It has been seen that there are a great many physical and mental health benefits that can be gained from hot yoga but along with this there is also a downside. Since yoga related injuries are on the rise most people should be conscious about how they practice yoga. It has been seen that these risks can be prevented through simple methods and these should be followed with care.

Usually the hot yoga or Bikram yoga is done in a room heated between 100 and 115 degrees, which are also maintaining at least 60 percent humidity. This also depends on the studios individual policy of the person practicing the yoga. But it should be remembered that you have to be in good physical health to participate in hot yoga. This Bikram yoga or hot yoga is not for everyone and even the founder of this yoga, Choudhury Bikram, refers to his studio as his torture chamber as there are some risks involved here.

Some of the mental and physical benefits of the Bikram yoga cannot be denied and in spite of the sweat and light-headedness accompanied here, there is also the extreme workout, which benefits your physical and mental health. The positive effects of the Bikram yoga are just too plentiful to ignore and can help with weight loss. Here the body burns fat more effectively as the studio is warm and hence the body fat may be redistributed. Your body burns more energy during the class as the metabolism speeds up and the breaking down of glucose and fatty acids increases.

Many people take up the class of Bikram yoga to lose inches from those problem areas in a very short time as the heat produces a much easier stretch. Also due to the warm muscles, greater ranges of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments, etc. are possible and the cardiovascular system gets a very thorough workout. It has been seen that the capillaries dilate more at such times and the heat enables bringing oxygen more efficiently into the tissues along with the muscles, glands and organs.

This enables the easy loss and expelling of toxins from the body. Even the muscles and connective tissue become more elastic and allow for greater flexibility. The sweating helps in detoxification through the skin and also improves T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system.