Anusara Yoga Poses

Anusara yoga poses are a beautiful way to build up strength, tone muscles, and relax. Like most yoga styles, Anusara yoga also has a spiritual component. In order to reach the physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness, this beautiful yoga must be done in a certain sequence. These poses will lead to a beautiful state of relaxation and peace.

Get the yoga mat and place it on the floor. Do some heavy breathing for the lungs. Focus as well as relax the body. Make sure this is a time when you will not be interrupted or distracted by anything or anyone.

The Meditation Sitting Pose is where the person would Sit with both legs crossed, one leg on top of the other, preferably. Make sure that the spine is straight and tall and should not at any time slouch. The Chin should always be up. Hands should be placed comfortably on the knees.

Tree Pose is where one would stand up and lift one foot. They should then Place this foot on the other leg, either on the ankle, calf or even the thigh if possible. If you are just a starter, begin with placing the lifted foot on the opposite ankle. You can work your way up the leg as your strength and flexibility grows slowly and gradually. Breathe deeply, focus, and stretch your spine upwards, like a tree grows towards the sun.

Side Plank is the one where one begins standing up straight, and then places both hands on the floor in front of the body. You will be on all fours, and this position should be as comfortable as possible. Then move the entire weight onto the left hand. Move the right foot on top of the left one. Now that the right hand is free, and place it on the right side. Keep your spine straight and stretch as much as possible. If you are able to, stretch your right arm towards the ceiling as far as you can. Take a deep breath and also relax the body.

Bridge is where the person would want to lie flat on the mat with the arms at the sides. Bend your knees and lift the buttocks. Keep on going until your whole spine is off the mat, like a cat arching its back. When you are a bit more advanced, you can lift into a full back bend.

When you are through with this sequence of the different poses, and then come back to sitting on your mat in Meditation Sitting Pose. This is a time to collect one self and rest. Continue to deeply breathe, and many will close their eyes and just remain this way until they are ready to stop.

Purity of the mind, spiritual power and also a great health condition are the promises of Anusara yoga. All a person needs to do is focus practice, learn and enjoy meditations and get to apply the principles of well-being in all aspects of their life. The presence of a master, teacher or guru is an absolute must and necessity to guide one on the spiritual path of spiritual achievement and that yoga is not a practice to be taken lightly, as it is far too complex for such considerations.