Weight Loss Tricks - Living On A Healthy 1000 Calorie Diet

Maybe people have heard about losing weight while eating healthy 1000 calorie diets and thought, no other way could they live on that. However, one can do it if he or she eats right and monitor their intake of nutrients by using an online food diary. One also can add some exercise to their days, and before long they will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of weight they are managing to lose.

The problem with most American diets is that they include too many high-calories, high-fat but low nutrition foods in their eating choices. As for example, that doughnut or Danish one grab every morning for breakfast. Both of these pastries are packed with sugar and fat. They make them feel full and satisfied, but there is not anything in them that is going to positively affect their body.

Instead of getting a doughnut on the run, one should get up five minutes earlier and pour him or herself a bowl of cereal. There are many different cereals on the market these days which are full of nutrients that will give the body what it needs without adding a lot of fat and sugar. One can add some fruit and a half cup of skim milk to that cereal, and thus can have a healthy and tasty breakfast for around 200 calories. Compare that to the 280 calories a person will get in just one small cake doughnut.

When a person is on a healthy 1000 calorie diet, eat his or her biggest meal of the day at noon. That will give their body plenty of time to digest the food well. People should stick with lean meats, fish, and poultry, and limit their portions to between three and four ounces. Although this will seem pretty skimpy to them compared to the portions they normally receive in restaurants, it is all the meat the body really needs. People can eat a small portion of potatoes, but should avoid all the butter and sour cream that will add empty calories and fat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are always good choices, too.

After lunch people should count how many calories they have eaten, and thus they will be able to plan for the eating they will do during the rest of the day. If people always get hungry in mid-afternoon, need to plan to use some of their calories then. Some carrots or an apple and celery make a good, low-calorie snack.

If a person is going to stick to a healthy 1000 calorie diet, he or she needs to allow him or herself some treats now and then. If one love pizza, can plan to have a slice once a week. They can do this by purchasing a large, fresh pizza and cutting it into 8 slices before freezing it. Portion size is everything when one is limiting his or her caloric intake.

People must keep track of everything they eat on an online weight loss site. It is free and people will be able to keep a food journal, monitor their activity levels, and keep track of their progress towards the weight loss goal. One will also have access to personal charts which will let him or her know how well they are doing in getting the necessary nutrients each day.