Weight Loss Techniques - Proven Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Over the past few decades there have been a number of studies documenting successful weight loss by people who write down what they eat every day. They do not buy special food, swear off of chocolate, and pay loads of money to join diet groups, or start a 1200 calorie meal plan.

It is simple, it is easy, and it is shown to be highly effective. People just have to do it and what would stop them from doing something this simple that is proven to lose weight! Too much of work and if people do not have 15 minutes a day to spare to write what they eat in a small notebook or on one of the many websites designed to help them with this, they need to ask themselves if they really want to lose weight.

In fact this practice makes people aware of what they are eating and which kind of eating discipline they're following. Think about how many times they eat during the day without thinking about it: grabbing an extra donut from the office break room; accepting a piece of birthday cake with a nod and walking off to another task or purchasing a candy bar at the quick mart and eating it on the drive to the destination; taking a second helping of chicken and rice while chatting with the dinner companions. The list goes on and people continue to ingest hundreds of calories and remain unaware, oblivious to the taste and feel of the food on our palate because their mind is wandering elsewhere.

If people decided to carry a small notebook and write down everything they eat, what would change! Soon people would start thinking before they accepted, purchased, or served themselves food that they are going to have to write them down. Having two cookies or some leftover Halloween candy is fine, but if people start overdoing it, they can catch themselves when they know it will be etched in writing. They do not mind writing down they ate two cookies but, heck, they do not want a permanent record reminding them that they kept eating them until there were seven to write down! It makes them aware; it makes them think; it stops them from overeating.

If this idea does not appeal to some body, they can think about what it that they do not like about it is. If they can not dive in to this 100% I encourage them to try for a partial journal and they can still achieve success!

Here are some ideas like; people can try keeping a log for fewer days each week instead of every day, or they can decide to write what they eat at times they know are a problem for them; perhaps between meals or after dinner, people should choose only log snacks or unplanned foods and should write down what they almost ate but then didn't because they knew they would have to write it down! People should keep track of the calories they are saving by doing this.