Weight Loss Techniques - Easy Fast Weight Loss With No Deprivation

Losing one pound of body weight per week with no deprivation is easy. One pound equals 3500 calories; therefore one just needs to decrease his or her calorie intake, or increase their energy expenditure by 500 calories per day. The professional trainers prefer to use a combination of the two options for ease. Now people just need to figure out where they are willing to adjust their calories.

The fact is that most of the people look for a quicker way for this and thus shows the exact problem that is making, and keeping them fat. Most of them are always in a rush and are always stressed. That combination is lethal for their weight. People have probably heard of the stress-cortisol-weight gain connection. But the reality of the situation goes way beyond that; as research shows that our brain actually has to experience pleasure and satisfaction in order to absorb nutrients. When we eat in a stressed, rushed state our brain does not even recognize the food stuffs we have eaten. So it gives us a clear message that we are still hungry; and we eat more, and more.

Current weight loss solutions employ deprivation and guilt, and that is precisely why they fail. People are wired to feel good, and that is what they constantly seek. By depriving themselves and thereby being stressed and miserable they actually set themselves up for failure.

The new weight loss solution is relaxation and pleasure. But those words go against everything people have been taught about weight loss. If some one drinks regular soda, cutting back on 24 ounces per day will save 300 calories. Then can add a 30-minute brisk walk to his or her day 150-pound person, for a total calorie savings of 500. Again if one normally eat the junk foods, can choose the grilled chicken breast sandwich but no mayonnaise, with BBQ sauce, he or she will be able to save 200 calories. A 30-minute jog can burn an additional 340 calories to reach a total 540-calorie deficit. If one can decrease the amount of peanut butter that he or she uses from 3 tablespoons to just one tablespoon, that will save 200 calories. And adding a 45-minute brisk walk (150-pound person) one can lose total 500 calories that day.

This is a quite simple mathematics. It does not even take into consideration the simple things that a person can do to speed up their metabolism. Speeding up the metabolic rate means that one will be burning additional calories all day long. Here is a short list of easy ways to increase the metabolism: one should eat something within the first hour of waking up, decrease his or her meal volume to three fists in volume, add snacks daily and need to spend 10-minutes breathing deep daily.

Additional weight loss secrets include: increase the intake of fresh fruit and/or vegetables to 8-10 servings per day, drink enough water to produce clear urine and avoid the sugar-fat combination. One can find many more of these simple tips in the health books and magazines available in the market.