Weight Loss - Quick And Easy Way To Lose 5 Pounds!

Anyone can loss 5 pounds rapidly and easily, but always should check with the doctor first if he or she has any health issues or they are taking prescribed medications. While there are numerous diet programs on the market these days, obesity continues to be a serious problem. Now it is time to stop wasting the money. In fact, when diets do not work much, the psychology of weight loss determines who does or does not lose weight. And the best part it is free, so people may put their checkbooks away and spend that money on their new slimmer wardrobe instead.

Psychologically, people are programmed to fail at dieting. Dieting equates to depriving ourselves of food which means hunger to the subconscious. However, the commitment and determination can re-program the subconscious for success in weight loss by developing new habits and a plan. People must think of their new eating habits as a financial windfall to a happier lifestyle. Once people understand this and follow a 'plan' the pounds will come off. A good business person never starts a new business without a proper plan and developing new eating habits will take a good plan, too. The plan one can use to lose five pounds in five days, by following these simple steps.

Water consumption is the key to losing weight. A 16 ounce glass of water before every meal is vital. It gives people the sensation of feeling fuller; resulting is less food consumption, while flushing toxins from the system. People should eat five small meals daily consisting of one low fat dairy product, two fruit, two veggies; three meals should include one whole grain and 4 ounces uncooked weight white meats or fish.

People must avoid eating anything deep fried in oil, cooked in oleo or butter ingredients. Instead steams cook the food with water and season with garlic, ginger, lemon, pepper, turmeric, vinegar and onion instead of salt. Using a salt free butter substitute is OK to add more flavors.

People should also replace snacks with whole grain fruit bars, nuts, and unsweetened dark chocolate. They should not forget the water and must commit to forgo sweetened or carbonated drinks, potato chips, cupcakes and candy bars. Once they have reached their weight goal these foods can be added back in reasonable portions.

One must allow 20 minutes for meals to digest, and then pick up the pace with each task that perform during the day. This simply means moving faster, walking faster or running etc. Not only does this burn more calories, it increases the energy levels, improves the productivity and self esteem without vigorous exercising. And lift or swing those legs, tighten those stomach muscles and sit straight-backed while at that desk. People should never sit stationary more than one hour at a time also should never eat within three hours of bedtime to reduce the amount of fat the body retains, lessening the hunger upon waking. If people normally go to sleep at 10 pm., should never eat anything after 7 pm.

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