Weight Loss Plans - Finding The Best Weight Loss Diets

It's a sad fact that recent research has just uncovered that over two thirds of the population in the world's industrialized countries is suffering from obesity. What's even sadder is that there isn't enough information out there to help people really cope with being overweight. I mean sure there are a lot websites and diet plans out there but they all seem to aim at getting in fast results instead of helping people deal with the problem on a long term basis.

Quick fix diet plans such as 7 day diets or those fad diets that make you fast on juices for some days end up doing you more harm than good. Such diets end up dehydrating your body and weakening your muscles. Any weight loss that you may even achieve through such diets will purely be the result of loss in muscle mass. Yu may lose a little fat, but the damage that may come to your heart will be brutal. Also, over a long period of time, you can't be expected to live on a diet like this. And frequent resorting to such diets will cause malnutrition in the body.

Another way that diet plans are approached is by placing individuals on medication. Weight loss pills are as common as daylight. They are being sold left, right and center. What most people don't realize about such pills is that, in the event they are the real stuff, they are only meant to be a compliment to a healthy diet plan and exercise regime. You can't keep packing the French fries and hoping that the weight loss pill will cut the calories for you. This simply does not happen. Most weight loss pills sold over the counter under the head of supplements and are not required by any legal authority to actually prove the claims they make. They really can put anything on the label and get away with it. Very often, people in their haste to lose weight fast, pair their low calorie diets with weight loss pills. The results are what most emergency rooms across the world know all too well about; people suffering from heart failure caused by weakening of the heart muscle.

So what really is a great healthy weight loss diet plan? You might be a tad bit surprised to find that the secret to weight loss is just no secret. Anyone can lose weight and keep it off. No strings attached. The human body has its own mechanism for dealing with the food we eat and the activities that make up our day. All you have to do is count the number the total calories you eat in a day and begin slowly cutting back. Drastic cuts are, again, not the way to go. Cut 200 calories every week. Start taking high quality nutrients. This means avoiding refined sugar, refined wheat. Go for complex carbohydrates found in brown sugar, brown bread, brown rice etc. get your protein from white meat. Cutting all fat from your diet won't be healthy. You should cut back on the grilled delicacies but make sure you take healthy fats like a those found in olive oil and avocado oil. A tablespoon of olive oil should pretty much cover up your day's requirement for fat calories. In the end, you also need to exercise. This doesn't have to be you hitting the gym, but half an hour of calorie burning activity is essential for healthy weight loss.