Weight Loss Methods - Quick Weight Loss Steps

How do you lose weight in a simple, easy and healthy manner? The answer doesn't lie in relying on weight loss pills. The best way to get rid of the extra fat that is grabbing the major part of all your clothes and pictures is to fix your living habits in such a manner that only does the weight burn off, but also stay off. Living habits or lifestyle changes are essential for building and sustaining health. Going on a starvation diet for a week or so to lose 5-6 pounds and then going back to being a junkie will turn you into a yo-yo dieter. Needless to say that you wouldn't want to do that to yourself. Dieting on and off and then regaining the weight results in ever increasing weight gains and dangers to the health. But obviously you won't be motivated to stick to a weight loss program unless you see some results. So let's see how you can shed that excess fat.

Step 1-Out with the Bad:

To start with a healthy and fast weight loss program, you have to get rid of the unhealthy habits that are keeping you from enjoying great health and fitness. Let's take out the trash;

1. Out with the Junk Food: next time you have a temptation to eat a bag of chips, ask yourself if you would like to eat a tub of fat. No kidding, junk food is full of trans fats and take your cholesterol levels to the sky. Chose fresh fruits or vegetables for snacking. Salads are excellent snacks and with olive oil dressings, you will feel full and energetic. The olive oil will also make up for your body's requirement of unsaturated fat. Consider the vending machine your mortal enemy, chips, pretzels, cheese balls, the works. You will not only lose weight, you'll improve your immune system as you replace the junk with nutrition.

2. Out with the Soft Drinks and Sodas: here's another thing to be rid of. Soft drinks fill you up with carbonic acid, the acid level in your blood rises to dangerous levels if soft drinks are the only beverage in your diet. Sodas raise blood sugar. Both increase your weight and cause dehydration.

3. Out with the Skipping Meals: skipping meals is another bad habit. Skipping meals causes the metabolism to slow down and your body begins to store fat. Your energy levels drop significantly and you end up overeating at some point. This is especially true for those who skip breakfast. The night is the longest time your body goes without food. Not feeding it when you wake up is a big mistake. Research shows that people who skip breakfast gain more weight than those who regularly take healthy breakfasts.

Step 2-In with the Good:

1. In with pure Water: start drinking more water. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and cleanser, your body needs a healthy supply to stay fit and healthy. Drinking 8 glasses of ice cold water daily means burning 200 calories. Also, a healthy supply of water to the body causes weight loss by eliminating water retention. On the contrary, you not only gain weight when your intake is low, your health and immune system deteriorate as the toxins stay inside the body. Instead of going for soft drinks or sodas when you're thirsty, grab a bottle of icy water.

2. In with a Balanced Diet: correct your diet composition. Every nutrient needs a specific portion in your diet for body to fight disease and stay fir. If your diet is high on fat you won't be able to burn off all the calories you eat. Give proteins a priority in your diet, followed by complex carbs and finally unsaturated fats. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your number one source of vitamins and minerals.