Top Weight Loss Techniques - How To Put Up A Weight Loss Plan

Excess fat that gets stored in the body is what causes obesity. Obesity or being overweight bring a lot of problems; from a health stand point as well as a social and psychological point of view. But once an individual has made the decision to get rid of the excess fat, the tough part of deciding on an action plan to throw out the flab comes. Here you will find guidelines on how to lose the fat with your very own weight loss plan.

Step 1- Eliminate All the Unhealthy Habits:

You start off losing weight by ridding your body of all the unhealthy habits that it has developed over the years.

1. Quit Junk Food and Soft Drinks: junk food is a load of cholesterol. It is loaded with trans fats and saturated fats. You never really feel full and end up eating more chips and pretzels, and just pile on the weight. Junkies have higher cholesterol and blood pressure; they're also at greater risk for strokes and heart attacks. Soft drinks are basically made up of carbonic acid. Thus they increase the acidity in the blood.

2. Skipping Meals: many people mistakenly believe that skipping a meal during the day will help them lose weight and stay slim. This is a grave mistake. The body needs regular nutrition to effectively perform daily functions. Skipping meals causes a feeling of famish to overcome us and the body goes into a state of starvation. Here, the body actually stops breaking down food to supply energy to the various organs, it begins to store the energy as fat. You gain weight, overeat and are too lethargic to perform your daily functions. Hence, as of now, vow to never skip your meals. How to make those meals low calorie and healthy is what the rest of this article is about.

Step 2- Establishing Healthy Eating Habits:

What you eat becomes a part of you. So let's see what great healthy foods you should be putting inside yourself.

1. Balanced Diet: your diet needs to be balanced and contain a variety of nutrients so that your body can function in a healthy manner as well as fight disease. Diets that are high in unhealthy foods not only add excess weight, they also weaken the body. Health professionals recommend taking 35-40% of protein in the daily diet. Fats come second, around 25-30% of the diet, but these don't include greasy fast food or French Fries. Incorporate healthy fats into your food, such as olive oil or avocado oils. Carbs should be kept low as they are the first line of nutrients the body converts to energy and then fat. Rather than taking multivitamin supplements, your best option is to increase the fruits and vegetables in your diet to get natural vitamins and minerals.

2. Drinking Water: you may not have thought water to be of much importance, but the fact is that the human body may live a few a months if its food intake is stopped, but people never live beyond a few days without drinking water. Water is 70% of the body by mass and makes 90% of blood. As a healthy adult, you should take 8-10 glasses of icy water throughout your day. You will see significant weight loss and improved health as the water will remove toxins from your body.