Rapid Weight Loss - The Fastest Ways To Lose Fat

Most of the people while decide to burn extra calorie or body fat rapidly, they naturally tend to reduce their food consumption far too much during the initial stages. To a certain degree this is an effective way that the body must be in a stage of “negative energy balance"; or in other words, we need to consume lower amount of calories than the body burns each day in order to start losing weight rapidly.

But the overzealous objective and high level of motivation to lose weight fast often drives the desire to cut out too many meals almost suddenly which is very injurious to health. Cutting food intake sharply sounds like the perfect idea for losing weight fast; indeed many people experience a rapid decrease in body weight but as more people now realize most of the loss are not fat but muscle mass. When protein get broken down from muscle it results a lowered metabolism due to a decrease in total lean mass, which should be the role of the stored fat.

To loss body fat rapidly and effectively people must maintain a proper balance between calorie intake and expenditure. To stand a better chance of losing a greater percentage of body fat and weight rapidly people should try to keep a large bulk of muscle mass while losing weight. When their body comes in a state of negative energy balance the only scientific way to maintain muscle mass effectively is to train with weights. A progressive weight training regime can help to develop a need for the body to hold onto more muscle and forces a greater portion of body fat to be used when losing weight. People can learn more about weight training to help lose body weight from various health books, websites or magazines.

People should at least try to trim down their calorie intake by 250-500 per day by substituting most high calorie foods for low fat varieties, preferably green vegetables, soups, fresh fruit salad with almost all kind of fruits except banana etc. One must drink plenty of water as this practice not only keeps the system clear by flushing off the excretory materials but also reduces hunger sensation to some extant also keeps the body hydrated, which otherwise is get dehydrated the system will retain water and body will get flaccid. People must reduce sodium intake by preparing meals using fresh natural and wholesome ingredients. They should also never go below 1500 calories per day as that is quite unhealthy way of losing weight. Instead they can simply exercise more often when if the target is accomplished.

People can keep their calorie reduction process going for at least one week or until they reach a weight loss plateau lasting more than 4 days and then should reduce calories by a further 200 per day. Also they must include a little high quality protein constituent with most meals or preferably combine the low fat plant foods together at each meal. Also it is needed to practice a regular aerobic and weight training exercise gently raising the intensity level of the weights, forcing the body to hold onto muscle as calorie intake is lowered gradually over time.