Rapid Weight Loss - Losing Weight The Healthy Way

The desire to see results fast has driven humanity to achieve a good number of accomplishments. We have faster means of transportation, the internet, faster postal delivery, etc. While speed means efficiency in many industries, it's not so with the health industry. Being more specific, the human body was not meant to be upgraded from steam engine to electric train. It would be a grave mistake to treat it as such. There of course is a lot of buzz about losing weight fast, growing height fast, building muscle fast, etc. This is ‘fast' is fast becoming a source of misguidance and increasing the health risk that people who have various health weaknesses face.

Being overweight or obese is a health condition in itself. It's one that needs to be as carefully dealt with as any other. But the market is plagued with quick fixes like diet patches and weight loss pills. And while governments and health authorities have taken a step in the right direction by removing diet patches from the market, but the weight loss pills are still there. These oils are basically supplements that fill in one deficiency or the other that has taken place in the body due to unbalanced diets and insufficient activity levels. The real ‘fast' or ‘rapid' weight loss is the result of making healthy lifestyle changes. Specifically, to see yourself trim down and lose the extra pounds, here's what you should be doing;

1. Quit Junk Food: junk food is the worst thing you could nourish your body with. Junk food is high in fat and cholesterol. It's unfulfilling as a snack and causes you to overeat. While snacking, chose fresh fruits or vegetables for snacking. Salads are excellent snacks and with olive oil dressings, you will feel full and energetic. Same goes for soft drinks and sodas.

2. Increase Water Intake: water is the key factor to ensure that you lose weight in a healthy manner. Increasing your water intake has a direct and positive effect on your health. Not only does water help you lose weight, it improves your health. A healthy adult requires at least 8 glasses of water a day, while an extra 8 ounces should be taken for every 25 pounds of excess weight. Taking a glass of water first thing in the morning, before a meal, during a meal are all tricks to help you eat less and lose weight. These will also help in digestion and assimilation of food.

3. Drink Green Tea: taking a cup of green tea, freshly brewed daily is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins as well as lose weight. Not only will green tea help you lose weight, it's great for the skin too. You'll be losing weight and glowing at the same time, not many diets can accomplish that.

4. Eat Breakfast: skipping breakfast is all too common with the fast paced life we all live these days. But this is a serious health mistake. After the long gap you give your body overnight, you need nutrition in the morning. Skipping breakfast simply causes a feeling of being famished and then you just overeat at lunch. Eating breakfast, even a breakfast smoothie helps to avoid weight gain and helps in weight loss too.

5. Exercise: For healthy weight loss, a vigorous exercise routine for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week should be followed. Keep your body well hydrated. Outdoor cardio workouts like cycling, running, hiking, swimming, etc are great for weight loss and toning of the body. Don't rush your body. Give it time and your stamina will build up in a natural way.

6. Balanced Diet: now instead of turning to pills to correct your diet, just fix your diet upfront. Health professionals recommend taking 35-40% of protein in the daily diet. Fats come second, around 25-30% of the diet, but these don't include greasy fast food or French Fries. The healthiest fats come from natural foods such as olive oil or avocado oils. Carbohydrates, especially the refined simple kind, should be kept low as they are the first line of nutrients the body converts to energy and then fat. Your best buy for vitamins are fresh fruits and vegetables.