Chinese Weight Loss Tea

Chinese tea has been used since the ancient times for its various nutritional reasons and it has been seen that the Chinese have also been one of the most hardworking and thin people. The use of Chinese tea extract in weigh loss supplements has been a recent discovery and this had been made by the American and Swiss scientists. It has been found that Chinese tea has a lot of antioxidants that has been helpful for increasing the energy expenditure of the body. Also Chinese tea contains various nutrients that aid in weight loss and has been used as a supplement.

The health benefit factors of Chinese tea include various kinds of chemicals like epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, along with caffeine and there are also various forms of this tea available. These tea forms include 2 substances in Chinese tea, which causes it to react to each other and as a result the metabolism rates increases and the body is made to work on 24-hour energy expenditure. Basically the EGCG components found in Chinese teat supplements are known for triggering the release of the hormone noradrenaline.

This hormone has been known for its appetite-suppressant qualities and thus the body is losing weight by not consuming more calories than required. It has been seen that Chinese tea weight loss supplement also helps the body by boosting the metabolic rates. Thus there is an increase in the rate by which fat and calories are burned and the body is also able to stimulate faster burning of fat. It has been seen that more fats are being turned into energy due to these Chinese tea supplements.

Various studies have been conducted related to the use of the weight loss supplements of Chinese tea. These studies have revealed that Chinese tea weight loss supplement helps in losing about two-and-a-half pounds a month. Also this Chinese tea can be consumed in its natural tea form and amongst the various benefits of Chinese tea include an increase in the metabolic rate of our body. This also helps as a greater calorie burner and helps in weight loss.

The Chinese tea has thermogenic properties which promote fat oxidation and hence it has been effective burning of a fat called visceral fat, which is linked to diabetes and is also very harmful for the body. The Chinese tea supplements and extracts are also available in various other forms and they contain polyphenols called catechins. These elements have been known for lowering of body fat and lower cholesterols. Chinese tea also prevents the fat cells from multiplying and enlarging and each portion of Chinese tea contains less than 4 calories per serving.

Chinese tea diet is suggested to those who are in need of losing weight but in this form of diet, the tea is a mere accompaniment with regular food. Chinese tea has properties which aid in slowing down the processing of complex carbohydrates into simple sugar and they also delay in conversion of food to fats in your body. Hence Chinese tea is an ideal supplement and drink for all those who want to lose weight.