Best Weight Loss Tips - Common Dieting Myths

There are various kinds of myths about dieting that may be a hindrance in achieving your target weight loss goal. Hence it is essential that you become aware of these myths and false facts about dieting as they can lead to various kinds of ailments for you and your body. Also try and avoid any kind of fad diet, which is relatively new or eliminates most forms of nutrients from it because it will be very difficult to follow these diets in the long run.

In this age where easy information is available through the internet and related modes it can be quite a task sifting through it to separate fact from fiction. Due to too much information available, choosing the right from wrong and the truth from false can be a difficult task and most sites are carrying contradictory information. This becomes very easy for misconceptions to spread and following them can lead to serious injuries and ailments. These facts which may seem true but are basically misleading facts are called myths.

For those who are health and fitness aficionados, the widespread and popular practice of weight loss and dieting has a huge chunk of myths. Sadly most people today believe in these myths, which can end up causing more harm than good. Also following these myths can often push them back instead of helping them move forward. The first dieting myth is that reduced calories equal quicker weight loss but this is not always true. Then there is anther myth that states dieting are absolutely necessary to see results.

But both of these are not true because the first one slows your metabolism down while the second one is responsible for making people bored with dieting. As a result of not getting results people eventually end up giving it up altogether but only after gaining more than what they could have easily lost. These simple myths can destroy the very foundation of the dieting basics. Various myths exist like dieting makes you give up your favorite unhealthy foods for good. But this is not true as some diets permit you to eat these foods once a week.

They also suggest eating favorite healthy foods in moderation to avoid binge eating. Another common myth is that crash dieting burns fat but in truth crash dieting does not promote fat burning and leads to degrading muscles and increases fat. Even though crash diet makes you lose weight initially, it makes you gain more later on because what you lose are fact muscle and water, not fat.

Also there are diet myths that claim that you can lose fat eating whatever you want but remember that excess food means excess calories. And thus you can't get away with eating all that you want. There are various fast foods, which don't make you fat, but it is usually stated that all fast foods make you fat. In truth only fried food and those with high sugar make you fat. Foods like salad or grilled chicken are also forms of fast food that don't make you fat.