Miniscus Physical Therapy

There are various kinds of health problems, which often strike suddenly and the miniscus tear is one of them. It has been seen that this kind of tear requires intense physical therapy for getting the benefit of relaxation and freedom from pain. The health benefits of these therapies have been known for sorting out various other forms of discomfort which are related to the body.

Basically the meniscus tear is a common injury caused to the cartilage, which is also responsible for stabilizing and cushioning the knee joint. Hence this pattern of the tear can determine if this damage can be repaired and there are various forms of these tears also. The radial tears sometimes can be repaired but this largely depends on the position of the damage and there are certain tears like the horizontal, long-standing, and degenerative and flap tears, which have been caused by years of wear and tear-generally, cannot be repaired.

The locations of these tears are important factors in determining treatment and hence you should avail the treatment for the same on time. The physical therapy methods are ideal for repairing the damage caused to these tears and ones at the outer edge of the meniscus usually heal well. This happens because there is good blood supply in this area and hence the repairing process is much faster. The minor tears may also be healed with a brace and a period of rest and in cases where they do not heal the tear can be sewn together using dissolvable stitches.

It has been seen that this method has been successful 90% to 95% of the time in this outer edge area. The inner white zone of the meniscus does not have a good blood supply and this is the part which takes the most time to heal. The torn pieces float into the joint space and this often results in the patients suffering from locked knee or other similar symptoms. Here the torn portion is removed and the edges of the remaining meniscus are shaved for making it smooth.

There are also other methods suggested here including surgical repair, which may be done by open surgery. In this process a small incision is made and the knee is opened up to enable the surgeon to see inside the knee and the meniscus can be repaired. These days there has been and increase in use of arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus. Here the surgeon inserts a thin tube, with a camera and a light, into the small incisions near the knee. This way the surgeon is able to see inside the knee without making a large incision.

However in most of the cases the options of physical therapy are recommended because it has been seen that these are the safest options for repairing the damages caused to these tissues. It has also been seen that physical therapy shows results in the long run and along with the benefits of repairing these tissues, you can also gain from physical therapy in various other ways including improvement of blood flow too.