Breakthrough Physical Therapy

If you're looking for a great physical therapist as of late, then you should definitely check out Breakthrough Physical Therapy. This physical therapy clinic, with branches open all across the United States, is only 4 years old, but the number of people who have benefited from it and have recommended it is an ever growing figure.

One of the best traits of the treatment given at Breakthrough Physical Therapy is that they provide each patient with specialized care and attention. The entire patient therapist experience is personalized and Breakthrough Physical Therapy ensures that you get the same therapist on every session. Unlike other clinics which generally have a treatment routine for every physical condition which is administered by whichever therapist is available, Breakthrough Physical Therapy makes sure that your therapist gets to understand your needs.

Breakthrough Physical Therapy covers all aspects orthopedic conditions such as back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. They have some great focus areas of therapy as well that truly meet the needs of to today's working professional. With programs such as Keyboard Training to teach the best ergonomically safe ways to use office equipment and in particular the keyboard, Breakthrough Physical Therapy is providing coaching and therapy in an area that has not received the attention it warranted. Other programs include Sport-Specific training, if you're an athlete you'll love the personalized training experience you'll get that will focus on your goals. Another program that Breakthrough Physical Therapy is soon going to start is Breakthrough CES (Community Education Series). This will help to educate the community on various aspects of physical health, the first workshop they are planning will focus on pregnant women and their spouses to teach them proper posture during the pregnancy period.

Here's are a few testimonials found on Yahoo Local regarding Breakthrough Physical Therapy.

“I worked with Sarah on my knee, both before and after knee replacement surgery. I agree with the other review. They are great. Front desk and aides are friendly and helpful. The therapists are wonderful. I had my surgery in another state and went to PT out there for a few weeks. NO COMPARISON with Breakthrough. I wanted to come right back so I could work with Sarah and Lee again. Professional, thorough and very good. They do a lot of massage and manipulation on your injury. The other place just put you on machines and had you do exercises. The massage and manipulation really makes a difference. I can do exercises at home. I can't do the massage at home."

Another satisfied client says;

“Outstanding. Very Professional. Most friendly people and environment. I am working or rather Dr. Lee is working with my neck/shoulder injury. Day one I was really concerned whether am I giving my neck to a safe person. I truly am. Lee is outstanding and well experienced and knows what is best of each patient. I have seen other PT also working with their patients very closely. All I can suggest is, go and see the place and PTs, I am sure you won't think of another place for the therapy. Also worth mentioning is that the front desk is filled with people who are helpful and also smiling. It is inviting to enter the therapy room when people are smiling and willing to work for you to get better."