Mental Health Issues In Children

There are various kinds of problems suffered by children and even their mental health issues are vital in this reference. Most of the time people think that children don't suffer from issues of mental health. However this is not true and even children are prone various kinds of mental problems and disorders. The term mental health has been used to define how we think, feel, and act as we face life's situations. Hence our mental health affects how we handle stress, relate to one another, and make decisions.

The mental health influences how individuals look at themselves and includes the aspects of physical health. It should be remembered that mental health is important at every stage of life and all the aspects of our lives are affected by the same. It has been seen that caring for and protecting children is an obligation which is critical in all our lives. Thus as children face life, they also have mental health disorders that interfere with the way they feel, and act. If these problems are untreated, they lead to school failure, family conflicts and violence.

There are instances when these mental disorders can also lead to suicide. And hence any forms of untreated mental health disorders can be very costly to families. These mental disorders can be very dangerous to communities and the health care systems also and such children usually grow up to have criminal records. The term serious emotional disturbances for children and adolescents refer to mental disorders. This usually happens when such children feel severely disrupted in daily functioning.

This can be at home, school, or even at community and they have been associated with serious emotional disturbances that affect 1 in every 10 children. Also the cases of the mental health issues in children are very complicated and they are caused mostly by biology and environment. Some of the biological causes of mental disorders in children are genetics, chemical imbalances in the body, harm to the central nervous system like a head injury.

Then there are many environmental factors affecting the children and putting them at risk for developing mental health disorders. These include exposure to environmental toxins and include causes like high levels of lead. Also the exposure to violence like being the witnesses of crime or being the victim of physical or sexual abuse is common causes of mental problems in children. Such children are also affected by shootings, muggings, or other disasters. The causes of stress related to chronic poverty and discrimination along with other serious hardships are the causes of these mental disorders.

The common symptoms of these mental health problems in children include serious emotional disturbances in children or adolescents. These include factors like hopelessness for no reason, and these feelings do not go away. Getting angry most of the time and crying a lot, worthless or guilty feelings, anxious or worried emotions, not being able to get over a loss or death of someone important are the common symptoms of these problems. Apart from this extremely fearful or having unexplained fears and being frightened are symptoms of the same.