Mental Health Disorders In Children

It has been seen that children also suffer from various kinds of mental disorders and these are not always caused due to emotional reasons. There are various instances where children's health has suffered due to mental problems, which have been caused due to physical reasons also. The causes of mental health problems in children vary as do their causes but it is vital for the parents and their loved ones to understand these situations and try and find solutions for the same.

Basically the concept of mental health is a term, which is used to define the way people think, feel, and act, in reference to different situations in life. The mental health of a person can affect aspects like how people handle stress, relate to one another and also take their decisions. Thus your mental health actually influences the way others look at you and also how you look at yourself. The mental health of a person includes aspects like lives of people around them.

Hence like your physical health even mental health is important at every stage of life and for children it becomes the decisive factor, which shapes their future. It has been seen that various aspects of our lives are affected by our mental health. These include the avenues like caring and protection, which is critical to children in their daily lives and their independence. It is true that like adults even children and adolescents can have mental health disorders.

These disorders may interfere with the way they think, feel, and behave and if these are left untreated, and then they can lead to drug abuse, school failure, family conflicts, violence and in extreme cases, even suicide. It should be remembered that any untreated mental health disorders can be damaging to the health care system of the child, lead to social stigma and also ruin the happiness of a family. The mental health problems of children can be diagnosable or behavioral and mental disorders.

These include the options like depression, attention, hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and eating disorders. It has been seen that mental health problems affect one in every five young people at any given time. However the causes of these mental health problems are complicated and in children they are caused mostly by biological factors and environmental factors. The biological reasons include genetics, chemical imbalances in the body, harm to the central nervous system, and other similar reasons.

The environmental reason includes exposure to violence, witnessing murders or muggings, or other disasters and even stress and broken relationships. There are various ways in which these symptoms can be recognized and these include changes in physical and mental behavior. These include crying a lot or overreacting to things and getting agitated over trivial issues. They may also feel a sense of worthlessness or being guilty often along with getting anxious or worried often.

Apart from this they may be showing extremely fearful behavior or they are having trouble with their physical appearance and related physical problems. Performance at school, lack of friends, etc. are some other factors that help in determining these problems.