Mental Health Care Plans

Providing care and support for somebody who has lived for a long time with a major psychological illness can involve many different support organizations. Each and every organisation provides expert services. Every organisation is part of a support ‘team' that comes together to offer the best level of care possible. A team of organisations uses a care plan in order to make sure that everybody involved knows who is in charge for what and when. As the client, you are a vital part of this team and should be fully concerned.

Care plans are for people who have a number of health care providers working by them. A care plan puts down on paper who is providing which services in order to meet the needs. Goals are set and an action is decided within precise times. This all occurs in discussion with you.

Anyone who has a condition which lasts longer than six months and requires the care of three or more providers - for example a psychologist, general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse or other community care provider - would profit from having a care plan. People with persistent problems being discharged from hospital may also do good too. There are no age limitations whatsoever.

Some of the benefits of having a care plan would include the setting and also achieving the goals. They encourage even their clients to be fully involved in their care. They are able to manage long term care in a much clear and concise way. They are able to provide an essential checklist so that it is ensured that they follow it at all times. They prompt the clients in every way to take a bit more responsibility for their own needs. This encourages them to approach to the client centered plan. It also focuses on improving and maintaining their health rather than waiting for the illness to come upon them. The client and carer awareness should increase especially to know which services are needed and why. During emergencies they would be able to provide life saving information.

One of the health care providers which are concerned in caring for you will prepare the care plan with your involvement. You can decide the provider, but it is best to have the provider who knows you best be involved, especially in the case of a care plan on release from hospital. Sometimes the doctor will systematize the care plan. At other times, the doctor will contribute to a care plan that somebody else has organised. An example of this is the preparation for your return home after a period in hospital.

Maximum care plans are done in the health care provider's office. However, some care plans are prepared for patients departing the hospital. If you will like a carer, a family member or somebody else to be present for the care plan appointments, please tell the provider beforehand.

You can also tell the provider about all the different aspects of the assessment that you do not want at all discussed with the other providers in any way. Make sure this is noted in your consent at all times.