Community Mental Health Journal

Community Mental Health Journal is a periodical dedicated to the assessment and improvement of public sector mental health services for people suffering from grave mental disorders, severe emotional disturbances as well as addictions. The journal covers a wide range of areas including nationally representative epidemiologic projects,intervention research that involves benefit and risk comparisons between service programs methodology, such as instrumentation, where it is especially relevant for public sector behavioral health evaluation or research. Many other topics such as social system analysis, family therapy, human ecology, high-risk groups, and social welfare are covered in the journal.

Community Mental Health Journal concentrates mainly on the improvement of public sector services for people who are already affected by serious mental problems and emotional disorders, run high risk being affected by such problems. Addiction is another area Community Mental Health Journal focuses on. Articles that are of interest to Community Mental Health Journal's readers generally include nationally representative epidemiologic projects. The journal also considers manuscripts that discuss methodology (for example, instrumentation) pertinent to public sector behavioral health evaluation or research. Community Mental Health Journal does not accept manuscripts that are confined to local surveys, case series, or service programs that lack comparison groups.

Although articles and abstracts must be written in English or in the journal's official language or languages, Community Mental Health Journal also accepts additional abstracts in other languages of the author's choice - it may be the contributor's first language, if not English or the journal's official language. Such abstracts, however, are optional.

Contributors are required to supply such abstracts themselves, certify that they are a faithful translation of the official abstract, and they must be supplied in Unicode, particularly when they use non-roman characters. However, abstracts in other languages will be carried with a disclaimer: "This abstract is provided by the author(s), and is for convenience of the users only. The author certifies that the translation faithfully represents the official version in the language of the journal, which is the published Abstract of record and is the only Abstract to be used for reference and citation."

Contributors should submit their manuscripts online. This is because online submission greatly simplifies the process of editing and reviewing thereby reducing overall publication times. Whenever an author submits a manuscript for publication in Community Mental Health Journal, it is implied that the work described has not been published earlier or is not under consideration for publication anywhere else. This also implies that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities - tacitly or explicitly - at the institute where the study has been conducted. The publisher will not take any legal responsiblity should there be any claims for compensation.

The publishers of Community Mental Health Journal also operates a program called Springer Open Choice that offers authors to have their journal articles made available with full open access in exchange for payment of a basic fee. Under this program, the authors decide how their articles are published in the renowned journals brought out by Springer. Although Springer still offers the traditional publishing model, its journals also offer researchers who want open access, to have articles made available with open access, free to anyone, any time, and anywhere in the world. If authors choose open access in the Springer Open Choice program, they need not transfer their copyright.