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Effect Of Discrimination On Mental Health

This study of discrimination of mental health investigated the association between discrimination and mental health service utilization among Chinese Americans. Their findings suggest that discrimination on mental health is associated with greater use of informal services and with help seeking from friends or relatives, but not with use of formal services. The study suggestion that language-based and racial or ethnic discrimination are associated with patterns of service utilization was only partially supported.

Mental Health Diagnosis

A diagnosis of mental health involves several steps beginning with an evaluation by a doctor if the symptoms of mental illness are present. The estimation of the mental disorder will begin with the doctor asking questions about certain mental health symptoms, medical history and performing a physical examination. Although there are no medical or laboratory tests to specifically diagnose mental illness, the doctor may use various tests to make sure something else is not causing the symptoms. If no other prominent ailments are found, people may be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist, mental health professionals who are specially trained to diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

Mental Health And Smoking Cessation

The determination to quit smoking and staying a non-smoker is one of the hardest things to do. In order to ensure that people have the best chance of quitting smoking, it is helpful to know what their options are and where to go for help. This very beneficial industry preys on the fragile mental health of smokers. This is however not true. Most of the people are mentally very strong. The industry with majority of the people is the medical profession. Now people cannot blame the doctors and nurses that they have fragile minds. These people make life and death choices on a daily basis. They are actually as strong willed as anyone.

A Public Health Approach To Mental Health

The mental, physical and social health of all the individuals are vital strands of life that are closely interwoven and deeply interdependent. As understanding of this mental and physical relationship grows, it becomes ever more apparent that mental health is crucial to the overall well-being of individuals, societies and countries. In most parts of the world even today, unfortunately, mental health and mental disorders are not regarded with anything like the same significance as physical health. They instead, have been largely unnoticed or even neglected.

Mental Health In Pregnancy

For a woman being pregnant, having a baby and motherhood are some of the most beautiful experiences she will ever have. Itís like the zenith of life and all its joys. But at the same time itís a very sensitive phase that she goes through. Itís a time period of marked rise in hormonal levels which bring about mood swings, depressions, schizophrenia, etc. Although a mental disorder may occur at any time during a personís life, in women this is more common during teen years and 30s and this is the age during which most women get pregnant. But for a pregnant woman, the danger of falling mental health or a mental illness is even greater because it endangers her babyís health as well her own.

California Department Of Mental Health

The California Department of Mental Health is assigned with leadership of the California mental health system. A national chief in mental health system innovation and reform, California has a decentralized service delivery system with most direct services provided through the county mental health system. California fully endorses a System of sincere Care approach to service delivery which is a coordinated service delivery structure that ensures timely and appropriate access to all of the services its members need. Major Systems of mental Care programs are Caregiver Resource, Traumatic Brain Injury, Adult Mental Health Services, Childrens System of Care, Disaster Assistance to Counties, Dual Diagnosis Initiative, Early Mental Health Initiative, Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Managed Care, Performance Outcomes, PATH for homeless people, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA.

Diets For Good Mental Health

What we eat does indeed become a part of us. You consider this old news, but just look back on what the general eating pattern is like. Can we honestly say considering the way the general masses are eating these days, that we are a health conscious species? Hereís a statistic, over three thirds of the population in developed countries is obese. So obviously, we are not making the best decisions when it comes to what goes into our tummys. The diet we take affects both our mental as well as physical health.

Mental Health And Fitness

Strange how we grow up reading and listening to advices and observations such as these, but then somewhere down the road the distinct rules that were our guide become blurry. We simply run out of time for ourselves, life becomes hectic, economic depressions set and we try to make sense out of an irrational world. But then one day, we wake up with a chest pain, or dizziness and the doctor informs us that the obesity is beginning to act up. Or all of a sudden, we just land a great job, finish some big project and have a total breakdown, tears and all. The point is, when we neglect life, life neglects us. And thatís why, with complete disregard to that ratty inner voice that tells you youíre being selfish, you HAVE to invest in your health and well being.

Exercise For Good Mental Health

There are various kinds of exercises that are performed by people for losing weight and staying in shape but these exercises is essential not only for physical health but also for mental health of the person. It has been that there are different kinds of exercise that help to shape the different parts of your body but most of these exercises also help to improve the mental health of a person because after exercising one feels rejuvenated and healthy. The toxins, which are harmful for the body, are flushed out, and hence the body is relived of various negative energies also.

Basic Needs Of Mental Health

There are various facts about mental health, which are not aware to people and hence the basic needs of mental health are not adhered to. It has been seen that the mental health and the physical health of a person are interrelated and thus the mental health of the body should also be given equal importance like the physical health. In medical terms the mental health of a person is commonly referred to as an individualís emotional or psychological well-being. Thus this is a term that has no precise or single official definition according to the World Health Organization.

Facts About Mental Health

Mental health is a touchy subject amongst even the most informed. Most people simply wonít discuss it and the topic does tend to be looked upon as a taboo subject. This is an unhealthy practice, to say the least. Not discussing gives way to ambiguity. While people openly communicate about an issue, no matter how trivial, the exchange of views; and in that, hard core facts, leaves little or no room for misconceptions. We human beings tend to fear that which we don't understand, and in our fear often cause more damage than we would ever imagine.

Need Of Mental Health

Mental health is not only the absence of mental illness, but it also the ability to cope with the challenges in life. Mental health is as important as physical health to all of the people. Youths usually experiment with appearances, attitudes, and behaviors. Most of their experiments are harmless, but some experiments may have dreadful results. Children and youths experience mental health problem such as stress, harassment, anxiety, family problems, learning disability, depression etc. Serious mental health problems, such as suicide and other self-injurious behaviors, are increasing among youth.

Mental Health Related Problems

To create total health people need to have total focus on healthy mind, body and spirit regime. Every day they should eat organic fruits, vegetables and whole grainsóbrown rice, quinoa, amaranth, barley but not wheat. These plants contain a virtual anti-cancer pharmacy, with high fiber. Studies reveal that women who eat a high-fiber diet regularly have a significantly lower incidence of breast cancer, because fiber binds to estrogen, helping to eliminate it from the body. Prolonged exposure to estrogen over the lifetime of a woman can increase the incidence of breast cancer.

Benefits Of Mental Health

Most people donít consider their mental health seriously but mental health can actually have a great impact on your physical health and it can lead to various kinds of ailments. If there are some benefits of having a positive attitude in mental health then there are also some side effects of negative mental health on the body and the mind. Various researches have shown that the mental health of a person leads to various kinds of ailments and disorders and thus having positive mental health is as important for a person as physical health is.

Use Of Mental Health

Most people have heard that the mental state of mind affects the body and it can have benefits or side effects on the health depending on the state of the mind. Mental health is one of the most vital aspects of physical health because it encourages the body to keep trying and recover from some of the most difficult ailments and problems. There have been various studies conducted in this reference and it has been seen that the mental health of a person can have an improved or adverse effect on the body of the person.

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