Use Of Medicine

Medicines are used for curing various kinds of problems and health related ailments that can be physical or even psychological in nature. These medicines may be applied externally or can be consumed internally and thus their segregation is dependant on their form type. Then there are also medicines available in the forms of powder, tablets, ointments and various other forms also. These medicines may or may not be prescribed by the doctor as there are some medicines, which are mild and used for curing various common health problems like cold and headache.

Due to their mild chemical composition there is usually no harm in consuming such kinds of medicines but their over dosage or combination with other forms of medicines can be detrimental for the health. Basically these medicines are made of chemicals or natural extracts of plants and animals or even a combination of both. Studies reveal that the herbal and natural forms of medicines have the least side effects and hence they are the safest to use and aid in curing even serious diseases and ailments.

It has also been seen that these medicines can have various chemicals that may not result in any kind of a reaction when consumed separately but their combination with other forms of medicines can be detrimental as it leads to various kinds of reactions for the body. It should be remembered that prescribed medicines should not be combined with other forms of prescribed medicines without the consent of the doctor because there are various high risks involved in the same. The chemical reactions caused by the combination of the two can be fatal in certain cases.

Medicines should be taken for curing and treating illnesses but their over dosage can be harmful for your health just like their right dosage benefits your health. It should be remembered that even the prescribed dosage would work gradually with time and taking too many medicines at one go would not help you to heal faster. For example, if you have been prescribed a pill for twice daily, after lunch and dinner, then consuming both pills at the same time would not cure your ailment any faster.

There is another kind of medicine available, which is also known as alternative medicine and it is basically the combined term used for various methods or practices of healing brought in practice by physicians or non-physicians. This is also in reference to the addition to or apart from the conventional medicine. Studies reveal that these alternative medicines mainly comprise of remedies derived from several different types of traditional and ethnic therapies.

Again most of these therapies have diverse practice or product, which are based on guidelines that are not a part of conservative medicinal forms. These methods include the regular forms of Western medicine in combination with healing arts like meditation, acupuncture, prayer, herbal supplements, chiropractors, massage therapy and other natural medicines. Other forms of medicines can be combined with the same because there are no risks of side effects by combining these forms of medication and they are usually safe to implement.