True Facts About Medicine

With the increase in the number of diseases there has also been an increase in the number of medicine production in the world. Medicines are often taken without consideration and prescription and most of the common ones include medicines for headaches, body ache, light fever, contraceptive pills and various other forms of regular medications. But people forget that all these medicines may have minor or major side effects and in the long run they might have an adverse effect on your health.

It has been seen that some people get addicted to certain kinds of medicines and this often leads to drug abuse. One of the most common forms of addictive medicines is sleeping pills where it has been seen that regular use of these pills can lead to dependency on the same for sleeping. Non availability of the same can lead to various kinds of ailments along with irritation and anxiety. In the ancient society all forms of medicines were made from natural ingredients and these were basically herbs and other plant or animal extracts.

These medicines would be freshly made and usually had no side effects. Also there were no added drugs in these kinds of medicines and thus they were also quiet safe to use. But over the years the concept of medicines changed drastically and the use of drugs facilitated faster treatment of diseases. Also mechanical lifestyles and urgency to get to work led to increased use of medicines for recovering and less importance to rest and natural healing methods.

Researches have proven that taking medicine has its risks and there are some medicines that more risks than the illness you are tying to cure by taking the medicine. It has been seen that there are a lot of facts about these medicines, which are not known to people and it is true that this lack of knowledge can further lead to added ailments and problems. The most important thing that should be done is to check the expiry date and the name of the medicine.

Then you should check the dosage prescribed by the physician and this dosage should not be increased by choice because this can prove to be fatal in many instances. There are some medicines that should be taken more than once daily and then there are also medicines that should be taken once a week and hence the medicine dosage should always be rechecked. Any error here can lead to various kinds of side effects and also death in extreme cases.

You should also try and find out if there are certain activities or foods that can be avoided while taking these medicines. It has been seen that some drugs will warn you to stay away from the sun or not drive after consuming them. Then there are other medicines that suggest you avoid certain foods and most will warn against drinking any alcoholic beverages. These precautions and instructions should be read and followed because there are high risks involved in not following the same. Also in minor problems like headaches try and get natural therapy instead of popping the pill.