Medicine And Disease

There are unlimited medicines available today to cure different kinds of problems but it seems that as the cure for one disease is availed, a new on arises and the cure for the same needs to be found. There are also various diseases, which have no cure and the force and intensity of these diseases are so high that they cannot be treated. AIDS is a disease, which has no cure and cancer is another disease, which may be incurable at certain levels. Hence in spite of having the aid of medicines lives are lost and people lose their loved ones.

Also these medicines are made from various kinds of components and unlike the earlier times when most medicines were made from herbs, plant extracts or animal extracts, these medicines are made from chemicals. They provide instant relief from a lot of ailments unlike the natural medicines, which took time to show results. But the natural medicines had no side effects and they helped to cure even the worst of the injuries with rest and patience. But the modern day medicines provide instant relief and many of them also have side effects.

There are various kinds of risks to the body due to the consumption of these medicines and it has been seen that one of the most common side effects of the same are getting addicted or dependent on these medicines. There are many people who get addicted to certain kinds of medicines and this often leads to drug abuse. The most common examples of the medicines, which can be addictive, are sleeping pills where regular use of these pills can lead to dependency on the same for sleeping. Due to the non availability of the same the person starts suffering from irritation and anxiety.

But the natural forms of medicines did not have any such side effects and they would not lead to any kind of addiction also. The medicines made today are composed to provide instant relief from various problems but in this process the body is subjected to various kinds of problems. Some of these medicines have after effects like nausea, headaches, and sourness in the tongue, acne, liver malfunctions and various other kinds of problems. Hence it is always suggested to check the expiry date and the name of the medicine because this can also lead to serious complications.

Another vital factor to avoid the side effects of these medicines is to check the dosage prescribed by the physician. It should be remembered that this dosage should not be increased by choice because this can prove to be fatal in many instances. Some medicines are given as a course and hence you need to consume these as per the given time and specified days. For example, some medicines have to be taken more once daily and some need to be taken once a week. Errors here can lead to various kinds of side effects and also death in extreme cases.

Your health is not always in your control but if you keep a track of these factors you can avoid mishaps.