Benefits Of Medicine

There are many people are highly averse to the idea of taking medicine of any kind. The very idea of putting something made in a laboratory into their bodily systems is unfathomable. While we all have a right to our opinions and preferred form of taking care of ourselves, the truth of the matter is, our body also has a right to some due and needed attention.

Medication, taking chemically constructed treatment that aims to correct any deficiency in our body, is not an evil in itself. It's drug abuse or substance abuse that every health conscious, sane human being should be weary of. Look at it this way, you cut knives with fruit, a madman could also cut someone's gut out with the same knife. Would you consider the knife to be the culprit or the user? It's the user and the use. The same goes for about everything else in life. Drink too much water all at once and you'll have water intoxication on your hands. All this being said, I absolutely do not advocate self-medication or that you go about taking pills from every Dr. Tom, Dr. Dick and Dr. Harry.

Medicine is actually among the wonders and achievements of humankind. We've come so far from what used to be an age when the slightest disease would cripple a person for life. Thanks to medication, you are all seeing less and less of diseases like Polio.

There was once a time, in the earlier ages, when medicine was considered witch craft by those who didn't understand it. They seemed to think it was unexplainable how a person who just had a severe headache is all well and happy again within half an hour of eating a small pill or maybe some strange liquid. Nut the witchcraft was actually science, and we now know that it was a descendent of the same brand of authentic science that put electricity in our homes and Neil Armstrong on the moon.

The human body is among the most complex organisms. Millions of chemical reactions take place inside us all the time and keep us ticking. The balance of these chemical reactions and the founding chemicals they require is critical to our proper body functioning. But when, for reasons such as environmental changes or an attack of external bodies such as viruses, put our body at an imbalance, corrections need to be made. This is where medication comes in. The carefully prepared and balanced mixture of chemical compounds restores the natural balances of our body. If our diet has caused a deficiency of any kind of nutrient in our body, a multivitamin will help to cover that deficit. Often we may inherit a weakness such as brittle bones which simply can't be helped with the calcium content present in natural foods. Again this is where medication plays it vital role and helps the individual to have a better chance at living a normal life.

Lastly, the ratio of people who suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart conditions is increasing. Medication helps such individuals lead a stable and normal life, abreast of their peers. The crucial thing to remember is that you should never self-medicate and make sure whatever medication you're taking is prescribed by a qualified physician.