Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

Heart disease at any age group has taken its toll on the health of majority of the population. What does actually not help is that the lifestyle of most of the people and places little emphasis on health and fitness, which is the main reason this disease is so prevalent and deadly. In order to stay healthy and drastically reduce the cardiac risk of contracting heart disease they should switch to an all organic diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. People should combine this with one hour of hard fitness work out everyday and they will become a perfect physical specimen.

Coronary heart disease badly affects millions of people in very severe ways. Most of the people know of someone who was stricken or died from coronary heart disease which went untreated. The most tragic part of the heart disease is, many deaths cold be avoided with the right regimen. Medical studies and research has taught us there are many preventable causes of coronary heart disease. Some of these causes are bad diet, abuse of alcohol, tobacco and lack of exercise. Risk factors go down as these sources are removed from the life of a person, so cardiac problems can often be avoided through relatively minor changes.

People might think eliminating all fat from their diet will reduce risk which is not true. Recent studies and research has indicated that a strictly low fat diet is not the best diet to prevent heart disease. Diets plans such as the Mediterranean Diet which include fat in the form of healthy olive oil have actually been shown to be superior in reducing coronary heart disease. This is no doubt why most of the people of France actually have 1/3 the amount of heart attacks as the American people even though the French diet is relatively high in fat.

Some people have termed this the French paradox. Actually there is no such contradiction at all. The French diet has proven medically to be healthy while the strictly low fat U.S. diet plan has not reduced coronary heart disease. True healthy heart diet plans strictly avoid foods full of white sugar, corn syrup and empty, refined carbohydrates, including salty, greasy prepared foods served in most fast food restaurants. Instead the food stuffs are rich in healthy fats found in olive oil and natural nuts and also include leafy green vegetables, fruits and proteins. Proper hydration of the body is another factor; drinking lots of water reduces risk for medical heart problems.

Exercise at regular basis is well known to cut down the risks of coronary heart disease. Simple 30 to 40 minute brisk walks several times a week help a lot. Joining a gym is certainly a good decision, but should be done so only with the doctor's approval. Sitting all day with no physical exercise has just the opposite effect and increases the risk for medical heart problems. There are well known stories of very fit non-smoker people who have suffered heart attacks. In fact, regular medical check ups and consultation are a good idea. A visit to the doctor can catch early symptoms of the disease and greatly reduce the risks for any type of medical heart problem.