Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease is the second type of heart disease to cause chest pain. In this type of heart disease, the heart artery probably along with other arteries of the body, has a much thickened and roughened wall, which may greatly reduce the inside channel of the artery. This type of narrowed coronary artery channel allows a thorough flow of blood through it which is insufficient to maintain the heart in a satisfactory and well-nourished state.

Arteriosclerotis heart disease causes a good deal of narrowing in the heart artery of some people, and very little in others. Since the insufficiency of blood flow to the heart will therefore vary, the pain produced will also vary. With just a little type of arteriosclerosis, heart pain may not be noticed at all unless great exertion or hard work is undertaken. The hard-working heart may require two or three times more blood, but if its narrowed arteries cannot deliver this great an increase, pain will develop. Normally people are therefore allowed to work their hearts only in proportion to the size of the coronaries, and their ability to carry blood, because with further exertion, pain will be definitely felt. A few people have such type of severe arteriosclerosis, that their narrowed heart arteries cannot deliver enough blood to the heart even while they are resting, and when even rest itself is too much effort for the heart rest pain in the chest results. Immediate clinical care is necessary for these hearts or the future is dark indeed.

There are two types of disorders with the blocking of arteries which are Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis. The Atherosclerosis happens with cholesterol accumulation getting deposited on the walls of the arteries and forming a plaque. This condition obstructs the flow of the blood to different degrees according to the amount of plaque that has collected. This finally results in inadequate blood supply being carried to the vital organs and lack of oxygen to them. If this actually happen to the arteries carrying blood to the heart it could result in an angina attack or if the blockage is severe it could lead to a heart attack also. The same condition could happen to the blood supply to the brain and result in a minor or full blown major stroke. This problem could badly affect any part of the body like the legs, kidneys and eyes. Because of the arteries losing their normal elasticity other problems like high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction can also set in.

A major problem in the heart could arise if a portion of the plaque can break away and get carried along the blood stream until it reaches a point which is too slender for it to pass into. This kind of major disorder does not happen to the arteries suddenly, but takes place over a long period before they can become furred up, brittle and hardened. There are a number of causes for this like age related factors and hereditary ones too. There are, however, some other factors which can be kept under control like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking.