True Facts Regarding Healing Arts

The funny thing is, when people enter the healing arts they put themselves into the most likely position to experience the truth that they are basically experiencing the thing, which is called life; where there are no them but only us. Most often, such realization in the people comes when least expected. There they are, in the role of caregiver, and people lose the sensation of the difference between them and the person they are with. Something in the present rings so true with something that lives inside people that they cannot escape it.

The process of healing arts could be called a moment of unplanned connection where the barrier between lives fades away. People suddenly become part of the Great Mystery where, for a brief flash, it is all them. If, in the work with others people have not yet experienced this, they will do so, for sure. Often, it is not a pretty sight; working with someone reprehensible, it becomes unavoidable that given a series of events, custom-designed to hit the own personal hot buttons people would crumble close to the same way.

Most of the people have been taught to shrug off the experience of “Oneness", joke around it, or completely cut off the feelings surrounding the moment's impact on them. All that, people are told, is not real. What is in the drug box that is real! What makes it harder is they are taught in the healing arts that when they feel the experience of others they cannot act in their behalf. The assumption is, feeling the connection will hobble their effectiveness because they will be living in the emotion and not in the moment requiring action.

All it involves is the truth of that one experience of Oneness to get the point. When people know this, they cannot unknown it. From then on, unless they learn to embrace and work with the concept, they tend to look for avenues of escape. This is because; as experts put it, the “Pain hurts!" and an imposed fear makes them believe that the empathetic pain they feel while with another will never end.

In truth, emotional pain is just an experience of the moment in healing arts. Each moment carries with it a new emotion there. If people allow themselves to get stuck on one moment, one emotion, of course they are in the past or future, not in the now. The now is where the action must take place. Denying, suppressing, or avoiding an experience of any sort does mean they are stuck because the energy of that emotion, when held back, does not go away; it lurks in the shadows awaiting expression.

Then, it becomes a matter of having to apply more and more effort to keep a growing pile of tinder in the gut from igniting. In the process of healing arts, there is a hardening that goes on that keeps people away from not only that connection, but all connections, the most severe being the connection to themselves. The understanding that people are connected can live inside of them and be operational without it having to overwhelm them. Acknowledging it will neither disable their ability to function, nor compel them to have to be like the great men all the time, every time.