Instant Emotional Healing

Healthy minds can create healthy bodies. Our emotions are the main cause of most of our illness. Fear, anger, unworthiness and lot of other negative emotions remain within us. With time, these emotions weaken the body through pain, discomfort and aches leading to various diseases. Popping a pill can cure a disease for the time being but it doesn't help us to feel better in the real sense. Joy is often the least experienced emotion for us where anger, fear and confusion reign supreme. Ignoring the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of our body cannot help us to achieve long-term good health.

Instant emotional healing, a blend of Chinese medicine and Western psychotherapy, uses our body's energy systems to treat various emotional issues that can actually take years to unravel through traditional therapies. It is a combination of relaxation and breathing exercises and pinpointing on specific pressure points on the body. Emotional healing has been able to instantly eliminate lot of problems like fear, addiction or pain.

Based on the meridian system, emotional healing can be compared to acupuncture, though without the use of needles. It helps to release all the negative emotional energies stored in our nervous system. Emotional healing has been effective in treating trauma, phobias, PTSD, grief, guilt, anger, etc.

Limiting our emotions make us create a false perception about ourselves. Fear can lead to destruction of relationships, finance, careers and success. A head cold is often the result of emotional confusion and anger gets motivated by a toxic liver. As we try and explore the spirituality within us, we acknowledge and let go of all our limitations in the form of denial, disbelief and fear. It takes courage to explore and find out the innermost part of our soul.

Family members and friends can act as our reflections. The thing that bothers or angers us in another person is nothing but a part of our self that has not yet been healed. If we turn the criticism that was aimed for our friend towards ourselves, we get to look at the limiting emotional issue of our own self. Once we locate our limitation, we can try and change it. We should try and experience the limitation rather than judging it as it would help us to locate the core issue underneath the feeling.

There are a few steps to receive emotional healing. The first is to acknowledge the need for healing. The step that comes next is locating the cause of the pain. The third is to cleanse the wound or pain. The fourth step is to receive emotional healing. The fifth is to strengthen the weak emotions.

To truly benefit from emotional healing, we first need to know ourselves better. Though our friends and relatives can always help us to tide over rough times, instant healing can be attained if we know ourselves fully. Often, our thinking process gets clouded by self-depreciating thoughts and causes us immense pain. We help others to achieve instant healing by pointing out how mistaken they are about themselves. If we can be honest with ourselves, we get to attain the same result.