Healing Arts Techniques

There are different kinds of healing art techniques available today and these vary depending on the needs of different users. Since various people have various ailments and problems the remedies for treating the same also need to be different. Hence the process of healing arts basically includes some of the best forms of techniques and methods from different cultures like Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and many more and then merges them in modern formats for providing healing benefits to users.

Most of the healing art techniques are based on the basic principle taught in elementary physics and these are methods and tricks which help to heal the body and mind. Most of us remember from physics that the world is made up of atoms, molecules, microns, and many lesser, subatomic particles, which are energy particles and they are in constant motion. They are the essence of every animate and inanimate object and these animate and inanimate objects have an energy signature.

This signature can be measured by its specific vibratory rate and thus every thing is in motion and vibrates. Based on these principles of energy and physics there were methods of healing derived. It was seen that energy medicine traditions around the world refer to this as the Universal energy vibration life force, which is called Chi or Qi in the Chinese traditions, Loong and Bla in the Tibetan traditions, Prana in the eastern Indian traditions, Ki in the Japanese traditions, and Mana in Polynesia.

Researches have proven that these dynamic, vibrating energy fields are present within our physical bodies. Thus they surround you with an aura of energy and this invisible field of energy usually extends a few inches above the surface of the skin. The measures of these aspects energy field and their effects on some other systems have been studied and it was found that this energy filed shares many common attributes with electricity and magnetism.

There are various kinds of energy healing techniques used in healing arts and this was based on the fact that we live an energy environment that is constantly shifting and moving. As a result of this most beings were an open system of energy and there was healthy body thriving in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy. But every time there was a conflict with the environment around due to food, stress and other external factors, the healthy energy system released excessive energy immediately.

Thus healing art techniques like fight the blockages and imbalances in the energy body and manifest physical ailments, mental ailments, stress, and other emotional ailments. These methods have been effective on non-invasive means to rebalance the mind, body and soul. They also allow energy flow for body health, wholeness, healing, and balance. Some of the most common forms of healing art techniques are massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and many more but most are focused on using energy derived from the body.

Hence even though healing art techniques may be from different cultures, their basic functioning is based on the concept of physics and environment.