Healing A Broken Heart Feelings

When the heart feels broken after a strong relationship betrayal or breakup, it can seem like the life is dominated by the pain and hurt people are experiencing. No matter what in the surrounding else is going on, the events that led to the broken heart or the emotions themselves seem to be all that people can think about. In order to move past the emotional pain and toward relief and even happiness, it is vital that people learn to widen their view.

If people have ever been to the ocean when a storm is brewing, they have felt the power of the crashing waves. Standing alone on the beach, it is difficult to hear, see, smell or otherwise detect anything else going on except for the strength of those all-encompassing waves. If people were to foolishly try to stand in the middle of ocean waves as a roaring storm was going on, they would literally be swept away. People do not have to tell that the pain of a broken heart actually can, at times, feel much like these crashing stormy ocean waves. They are situated in the midst of these powerful forces that perhaps seem beyond their control and it is all they can do to keep themselves upright. It is probably quite difficult to notice anything except for the emotional pain especially when it is triggered and strong.

If people want to move beyond their painful, past-oriented place, should consider widening their view. To widen the view and move toward relief from the pain of a broken heart, people should start right where they are. They should learn to come back to the very moment and begin to look around. People need to pretend that wherever they are is the first time they have been there. Perhaps they are sitting in their home when they try this practice. People should ask themselves to simply notice their surroundings. This may appear simplistic, but when people have begun a pattern of predominantly seeing the pain of the betrayal or breakup, starting simple makes sense.

When memories of some precious things or a moment people shared together on somewhere jump into the mind, people should consciously re-directs their attention. Widening the gaze does not mean that they will no longer feel pain or grief for the relationship that ended, But of course with practice, they can choose to acknowledge their sadness, fear, anger, and other emotions and then move on. People may still get hurt, but they will more easily reach for relief. With a wider look, people can start to pay attention to what brings more ease to her life. The accomplishment of a healthy bed of perennials indeed makes them feel good inside.

Perhaps exercising helps people to unwind from this kind of emotional stress. It might help people with broken heart with the pain as well. People might enjoy singing, cooking, reading, volunteering, dancing, or even cleaning their home. The psychologists encourage them to use these activities not as ways to avoid or numb out from the pain, but as an alternative, acknowledge what people are feeling, and then make a choice about what they want to do. Relief can also come from journaling about the feelings or creating a ritual to let go of the past.