Free Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of spiritual practice that is becoming popular as a form of alternative and complementary medication. It was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan. Usui spent 21 days fasting and meditating on Mount Kurama, after which he claimed that he had been given the ability to heal without energy depletion. According to him, the secrets to healing were given to him through divine revelation. You may have seen Reiki healers work with different people using a specific portion of the Reiki method known as Tenohira, which uses the palms to channel healing energy towards the person receiving the therapy.

The word Reiki is derived from two words, Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power", and Ki which means "life force energy". Hence Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy".

While scientific evidence for the existence of this ‘life force' or ‘energy' does not exist, many people testify to feeling better after undergoing Reiki. The idea behind Reiki is that within every individual, a ‘life force energy' flows in all human beings. This ‘life force energy' is what keeps us alive and healthy and if we were to focus it, it would bring a better and healthier life. Those whose ‘life force energy' is low are the ones who become ill. Consequently, the ‘life force energy' can be shared, hence, the Reiki treatment.

In Japan, Reiki is used mostly for relieving tension and relaxing. The treatment is considered unparalleled and amazing in how it relieves tension and stress from the body. It helps to heal the mind, body, soul and emotions. Another remarkable thing about the Reiki healing therapy is that it is totally free. Reiki masters will not charge you for the healing, which is part of what keeps the ‘life force energy' so strong and potent. The focus of Reiki is to simulate peace, self-development, security and well being.

Reiki is a natural way to alternative therapy and has absolutely no side effects. But it is not a cure for chronic diseases or any health condition that warrants a physician's diagnosis. Also, a Reiki master cannot give you advice on medication. If you have an illness or a disease that is affecting your daily life, going to a physician is important. You should remember that Reiki is an alternative form of medication and not your first line of defense against disease. On the other hand, as an aid to medication Reiki healing is simply one of the best methods. Primarily because it works on strengthening the patients' inner self, the holistic concept of mind, body and soul are applied when Reiki is part of the routine treatment.

Reiki is very easy to learn, you don't always have to depend on the Reiki master for your healing. Reiki classes are held at most Reiki clinics. Many people learn Reiki for themselves and become independent in the spiritual art. Entire families become Reiki practitioners and journey together on the path of well being and greater spiritual peace.